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News: Hatsune Miku Fei-Yen and Super Robot Wars UX

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For those that saw the reveal of the Hatsune Mike Fei-Yen in the upcoming Super Robot Wars UX announcement and thought this was done without the consent of the team behind Virtual On, then you were very wrong. So wrong in fact that Juro Watari, the father of Virtual On, openly welcomed Miku and even wrote her lines to be used in UX (apparently she’ll sing too). Personally, we think this is a resoundingly good thing and half hope that the next proper Virtual On game gets the Miku treatment too. In addition, there’s a new advert for the game (shown below). Don’t forget the game will be released on March 14th and you can pre-order it here, though you’ll need a Japanese 3DS to play the game as all 3DS games are region locked (thanks a fucking bunch Nintendo for that one!).


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Even if we haven’t had a proper Virtual On game in a while, interest in the series is definitely still around. Other than the ports and now another Virtual On inclusion in Super Robot Wars, last season’s anime “Hyouka” had the two main characters play a Virtual On cab, and the outcome of the battle actually informed us on the plot rather than being a mere reference. None other than Katoki later designed a Hyouka-themed Raiden: . Finally, a mecha itasha.

And while it’s not a perfect fit, current anime and visual novel Robotics;Notes has the main character obsessed with a iPad-like mecha game called KILL-BALLAD, which has some Virtual On elements despite being played from a first person view. (I can only imagine how VOOT fans would react to not only lacking the dual sticks, but lacking a controller entirely!)

I can’t imagine what the canon behind Miku Hatsune x Virtual On is like. A fake idol AI playing a mecha video game that eventually becomes real life? The title should be Super Robot Wars Inception.

…and that would have made a great news post!

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