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News: Has Yamato Toys Gone Under?

Posted on : 14-03-2013 | By : | In : News



Considering Yamato’s absence from a variety of shows as of late, their official site going down and the emptying of their offices, many people have assumed that they’ve gone bankrupt. Considering no-one from Yamato is willing to comment on what’s happening, it’s only helping to fuel the uncertainty. That said there may be a merger occurring between Yamato and Arcadia but again due to lack of concrete facts on that, this may just be wishful thinking. Personally, if Yamato were to go under then that would be an incalculable shame as their various Macross toys have been amazing. Whilst they’ve also had some quality assurance issues over the years their output, for a relatively small business, has been thoroughly world class. Once we know more on the company’s status we’ll let you know.


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Macross World says that Yamato IS Arcadia now.Not sure what their source is.

That article is overly optimistic. Some of the main staff have moved over to Arcadia but in terms of proper Macross toys it’s doubtful. Arcadia mostly make dolls.

Huh, in any case someone will pick up the job, The Valkyries must flow. Hopefully, whoever takes over makes more 1/60 kits.

Well, the market for an infinite range of huge $200 Valkyires, many of them only minutely different from one another, was bound to reach a saturation point. I’ve always wondered who was keeping them in business.

Who has the room, let alone the cash, to buy stuff like that? I mean, a $200 toy once in a while is fine but not once a month.

I keep them in business, and many like me.
I assure you that Yamato has a very loyal following with deep pockets.
It’s called adult toy collecting and it’s not foreverybody.

Even with a loyal following looks like there was not enough numbers to keep YAMATO in business long enough.

let reality sink in. it’s Gone.

I work for them, I can confirm they are gone…. sad…

Does this mean that the Macross series is also gone?

Troll comment is troll.

proof that a small following kept in business. By the looks of it seems that it’s not the case.

girlfriend left.. just let it go, just let it go.

Look what Arcadia’s got up for sale at HLJ
It seems a name change was in order.

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