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News: Gundam Unicorn Screenshots Update

Posted on : 25-01-2012 | By : | In : News



Following the recent promo video, we now have a slew of new screenshots for the upcoming Gundam Unicorn game as developed by From Software. In addition to the shiny new screenshots there are some interesting tidbits too. Namely that the previously mentioned DLC for the Hyakushiki-esque MSN-001 Delta Gundam (pictured above) will be available in the first pressings of an HGUC kit of the mobile suit this August. Not only will the mobile suit have its own mission but it also seems that it will be piloted by Quattro Vagina. Following on from this, in addition to the ability to upgrade your units you’ll also be able to customise their weapon load-out too. With some weapons offering a multi-lock feature. There’s also a slightly odd mention of using asteroids for cover, how this will work will be interesting to see as it sounds like it’s a similar snap-to affair as in Gears of War. Finally, emblems (with extra functional bonuses) will also be available in the game.

Whilst there was a bit of criticism over the graphical fidelity shown in the promo, we’re actually pretty impressed with the game thus far. Bear in mind the host work is animated, so a photo-realistic approach would actually be unfaithful and the game is also considerably cheaper than that of other PS3 releases. That said, we’re more interested in the way the game appears to be more manual in terms of control. So all this graphical willy waving is somewhat lost on us.


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Glad to know Quattro’s vagina is piloting… sorry had to do it. such unfortunate naming. The game looks very pretty so far.

My gripe isn’t that the game lacks photorealism, I wouldn’t care if it were cel shaded. I just think it needs to look more…good. Its dingy and dull and boring. How can a show with the whitest Gundam of all time look this grey? There is plenty of detail in the MS themselves, but too much of nothing else. Mainly I see PS3 generated light sourcing done wrong. Since when is space this boring? Its more lifeless than Armored Core even!

I mean, seriously, look at this:

Dull dull dull dull dull. Dull.

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