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News: Gundam Side Stories Review Addendum

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Now that our review for Gundam Side Stories is up, we wanted to add a few more bits that cover the narrative. The reason why these aren’t in the main review is that these are pretty hefty spoilers. Whilst we don’t really care about spoilers some people lose their shit, so this concession is for them. This is by no means comprehensive but more the parts we thought worth mentioning.


Missing Link – The Slave Wraith team are all ex-convicts that have been drafted into service, so they fight dirty. Their squad leader is Travis Kirkland (played maniacally as always by Keiji Fujiwara). They basically found out some Federation secrets and are then on the run. They later team up with the Zeon Marchosias team. Amongst all this the HADES system and Pale Rider play an important role, this also ties directly into events in Blue Destiny and Yu Kajima et al make cameos in the Slave Wraith arc. Missing Link is also split into four parts; Federation, Zeon and then two flash forwards one in UC 0090 and another in UC 0096, with the latter tying into the events seen in Gundam Unicorn.

Blue Destiny – This is now in two parts, covering the original games as well as Nimbus’ path. The big news, bar the Missing Link tie-in, is that it shows two major new events over the original games. The first is that at the end of the fight between the two EXAM Gundams, BD3 (Yu’s unit) emits a green aura just before it attacks. This then follows onto seeing Yu years later in a Jegan trying to push back Axis at the end of Char’s Counterattack. During this he calls out for Marion to help and she responds that everybody’s warmth is already here. So insinuating that it wasn’t just Amuro and Char’s power that pushed back Axis, but everyone involved. Again this ties into Banagher’s comments at the end of Unicorn saying that the pyscho frame light actually comes from the pilots themselves. This in turn explains that the red EXAM hue is the early stage of this effect with the final form being green. On the Nimbus arc it also sounds as though Marion survives, as she was in a coma and that Nimbus isn’t painted as being quite the bastard he was in the original games and manga.

Rise from the Ashes – The base White Dingo GMs are damn fast. Most of the missions make it into the remake as the original didn’t have many to begin with. There are a few odd changes from the original (no proto beam rifles) but it’s pretty close and was the most fun of all the segments to play. The only real downside is that Pierce Rayer talks, which is weird (doubly so as he’s voiced by Kouichi Yamadera).

Zeonic Front – Just feels wrong functionally but is nicely harder than the other parts, as you’re in underpowered Zaku II’s for the most part. The lack of any unit control and strategy is just very strange though. Nice heads up to Marchosias towards the end, as it is explained that they are sort of a special elite compared to Midnight Fenrir.


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It’s cool story stuff like this that leads me to believe I can overlook the somewhat lackluster graphics. Thanks for the information, sir.

No probs. It also seems that Lost War Chronicles is following the manga story rather than the game, as the latter was more open ended.

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