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News: Gundam Side Stories Price Cut

Posted on : 09-06-2014 | By : | In : News




So since Gundam Side Stories launched it’s been getting pretty terrible user reviews. Now in Japan these tend to have more weight with fans, more so than press reviews in fact, but this also means that we’ve already seen some initial price cuts. Whilst this is not an official reduction, a 40% decrease in price is pretty massive. Admittedly this is for the standard edition of the game, as the limited edition is still at full price, but even then this is pretty serious. It’s likely this has happened because outlets like Amazon have excess stock they need to shift, as the user reviews have relegated the game to the online bargain bin. Whether this price cut will shift over to importers is unlikely though, at least for the interim. In terms of sales, the game has done sorta average (at around 80k in its first few days). In any case, we ‘re hoping Bandai Namco will learn from this episode and either give these games a bigger budget or focus the scope to use the budget they already have.


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Huh. Thought it looked pretty solid in the streams. Certainly better than UC, ACE:R, or Crossfire.

Don’t get my copy till tomorrow. Kinda sad I coulda saved a lot of money by waiting a week, though.

If you got it from an importer then the price won’t be dropping anytime soon.

Well, yeah, there’s that.

‘Course I’m also disappointed that I imported it at all, after realizing it was on the PSN. But I was able to assauge that disappointment by buying a digital copy of Full Boost.

Instead, they’ll just cut the budget even further, projecting for these kind of sales.

A small budget is fine so long as the scope fits that. The problems start when those two don’t match up.

do you think will we ever get a more realistic/sim-like Gundam game? I’ve been playing tank combat in games like War Thunder and World of Tanks, and I’d love to see something like that but with a Gundam appearance to it. In those tank games,you can get destroyed by a single shot if you get hit in the wrong place. I love that. And the games take into account the impact angle of a shot, your tank’s armor thickness and penetration abilities of the enemy’s shell. If an enemy round hits a certain part, you can lose a crewmember, your ammo can explode, your engine can be disabled, or your tracks can rip off, crippling your mobility.

Everytime i look at the Mobile Suit stats listed on sites like MAHQ, I can’t help but imagine them being in a game like World of Tanks

Maybe, as it does fit the lore quite well (especially UC). The Senjou no Kizuna arcade games are erring more towards sim, in terms of control, but the mechanics are still very arcade. It could happen though!

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