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News: Gundam Side Stories Announced

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In the latest issue of Famitsu, Bandai Namco have announced something wondrous. Specifically that of HD remakes for 5 classic Gundam gaiden games. These games being Blue Destiny, Rise from the Ashes, Space To the End of a Flash, Zeonic Front and the first Senki. All of these will be bundled with Missing Link and use the new engine. What’s not clear is whether the first person view that was key to the Saturn and Dreamcast games has been preserved (as from the screenshots it looks that the updated versions have gone third person in terms of the camera). Still, the fact this is happening at all is pretty damn great. In addition, there will be a limited edition of the game that will come with a kit of the new RX-80 “Pale Rider” as well as a soundtrack and artbook. Though at 14,893 yen it’s a tad pricey. We also have a release date for the games of May 29th. Considering how good many of these older games were, we really hope they don’t mess them up in terms of the new HD remakes.


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Bandai Namco are you okay? Are you guys ill? Who died and made Bamco good?!

Let’s wait and see until these are released, as Bamco could royally fuck them up.

Expecting it to be nothing more than a mod for the online game.

Yeah, it could end up being just themed missions via the Missing Link setup. That would be utter shit. Hope it isn’t though.

I meant that they used the game engine from the F2P title, made a supped up an independent version, and plan to sell that as it own game.

The engine is based on Battle Operation but apparently it’s been reworked a lot (much in the same way 0081 was after Target in Sight). Curious to see what they’ve done with it though.

Well, Battle Operation’s engine and stuff wasn’t that bad, I only really had an issue with the game mechanics pertaining to their F2P system.

Also, this game lacks online I am sure. It labels it as only one player in the scans (As seen here:

Either way though, it’d have to be a somewhat new and refined engine since BA lacks space combat.

That’d be disgusting. The frame rate already looks better though.

If only Ace Pilot was added as well.

Ugh, no. That was almost unplayable.

Space controls were awkward (I don’t really need to fly upside down) but other than that it was a solid advancement of the tactical action concept presented in Zeonic Front. The AI on both sides was pretty aggressive as well which is always nice.

Oh wow. I’m actually… really surprised by that O_o I thought that The Ace Pilot on Gamecube was the BEST Gundam game of the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era. It had a less simple system than the PSP games, and the MS actually felt different in their environments, and the level design was actually… a lot better than most Gundam games too. They weren’t AMAZING levels but they had actual variety and didn’t feel like a bland landscape. It had a good variety and the weapon equipping per mobile suit actually made sense ((Which I feel 0081 did terribly with the weapon systems. Zaku I’s shouldn’t be allowed to use beam weapons even if you expand their generator >_> The upgrade system made all MS feel… samey.))

It also had one of the least awkward space controls IMO, second only to Gundam Unicorn on PS3 which also felt really really good. The other Gundam games… space doesn’t feel very spacey or 3D. I guess the Ace Pilot was the first game where it felt like I was actually piloting a machine rather than feeling more arcadey. The PSP Gundam games while offering great variety didn’t make me feel like an actual pilot most of the time, and the PS2 Gundam games likewise weren’t that great at it ((Zeonic Front and One Year War were the exceptions to that. Lost War Chronicles was… okay but not one of my favorites.)), I guess like… I dunno. The Ace Pilot just gave me that feel of actually being a lot more in control of my machine, as opposed to many other games where I feel… less attached to the part.

But yeah, then again, it’s just my opinion xD; I’m just curious, what didn’t you like about it?

This guy gets it so hard.

Sorry, I have a tendency to ramble. I’ve played many Gundam games but there are only a few that hit the notes I really care for. Some are fun as videogames, but not as a Gundam fan, and some are fun as a Gundam fan, but not as a videogame. The Ace Pilot to me feels like a good combination =P

It was a long time ago since I played it but I remember it had horrible difficulty spikes and orientation in space was very confusing. I loved Zeonic Front though and though.

Zeonic Front is one of those games that hits that balance of Gameplay + Being Serviceable to a fan really well. So I can agree on that.

The space orientation is hard because it never corrects your orientation automatically. Because of this though it’s one of the few Gundam games where space feels like space. It’d be better if it had a 3D map for space though, the issue for me isn’t the Space-orientation but the map being unforgiving with it.

Difficulty though… oh yeah. Definitely. I can agree with that >_> It took me a LONG time of playing the same levels over and over to finally get ahold of the game. I actually found the Zeon campaign easier, even though it’s supposed to be harder haha.

Are reviews of Ace Pilot or Gundam Battle Universe in the pipeline? Is/can the review queue be posted somewhere?

Mostly because I found the controls in GBU to be kinda unwieldy in space and no review really mentioned it, but I figured you might have.

Review queue? Err, there isn’t one really. It’s just when I get around to things as, apart from donkey show, I basically run the site on my own.


I’m not really sure if this is applicable news but the recently revealed that the 116 meter NZ-999 Neo Zeong from the last episode of Gundam UC will be receiving an HGUC (That’s right,1/144) release in June. At 80 centimeters tall, it will be the tallest official kit released and second largest behind the Dendrobium.

Quick question: Where did the author get the Limited Edition price? On
the main site, it’s listed as being 13,790 yen. Unless there are TWO
Limited Editions, one with the model kit and one without.

And yeah, the main site says there’s only single player. A bit of a shame, but STILL well worth getting. Only thing that could possibly make it better is if they added Ace Pilot/Pilot’s Locus from the Gamecube. I really need to play that one again…

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

The price is with tax, game sites don’t show that normally.

The lack of a proper map was what killed it, yeah. The fact you didn’t auto-orientate wasn’t an issue (as One Year War didn’t) but not knowing where you or targets were was just stupid design. The difficulty spikes were annoying because the messaging was entirely absent throughout. At least in something like Dark Souls you KNOW what you did wrong.

Did you use your special abilities? They break the deadlock for me.

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