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News: Gundam Extreme Versus to finally receive PS3 port

Posted on : 24-08-2011 | By : | In : News



In the latest edition of Famitsu, it’s been announced that Gundam Extreme Versus will finally receive a port to the PlayStation 3. This is something that has been expected for a while, as the arcade game uses the System 357 board (basically a PS3 in a box). Shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, the arcade versions will also be present as they plan to host a tournament too. The PS3 version will contain all the units in the current arcade game and feature the latest version released towards the end of this year. The game will also have full online multiplayer and the team at Capcom are working to ensure that the final version will be as near to “lag free” as humanly possible. The port will also have new features over the arcade version too, with what sounds like custom soundtracks as well as original game modes. The latter will most likely be a form of mission setup as per the other Gundam Versus games. The PS3 port is currently at 70% completion and set for release in Japan on December 1st for 8,380 yen. As this will be a PS3 game, it’s also worth re-iterating that it will be region free, so there’s no need to hang around come the game’s release.


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So the wait will finaly be over in december assuming there are no delays, feels good man.

Also, my body wasn’t ready.

Is it too much to hope that people at Capcom handling the online capabilities are the ones that understand that “matchmaking” means player controlled lobbies and rooms and not “here lemme find you some random opponents and send you on your way…”

I just entered….


Isn’t 8,390 yen over 100 dollars?

If you wait like 3 months it’ll be about 30 USD, like Gundam Senki was.

I wonder how much console exclusive content we’ll get… like the 5 additions they did for GVGNext

Sounds like AceWhatever has been playing some Lost Planet 2! Hopefully they will follow the SFIV method of matchmaking.
Now I’m just waiting for Border Break on the Vita.

Judging by the latests Capcom’s moves, I’ll wait a little more to see if they’ll release DLCs and then another version of the game with those DLCs in it.
*cough*marvel vs capcom 3 *cough*

Great news anyway 😀

100 bucks?? wtf japan!

But yeah. really glad this is finally coming to home consoles.

Well, now I have to figure out if I want this or 2nd SRW OG later this year. Kind of a nice problem to have, though.

This, Hawken, AC5, a potential announcement of MW3015 (sans Warhammer)… lotta upcoming games in the near future feat. giant robots that I’m gonna want.

Needs more Madcat…

Maybe when they release the expansion that moves the timeline forward to the time of the Clan Invasion.

Definitively need to buy this:

About fucking time

I know it’s region free, but do you guys think this will see an international release?

Also, what’s the control setup for this game on the arcade, is it witch sticks like fighting games or joysticks.

Messed up the wording of my last post, so I’m going to phrase it better.

Also, what’s the control setup for this game on the arcade? Is it using a setup like fighting games, 1 stick and 8-buttons or like Virtual On, dual sticks.

One joystck and four buttons… at least that was the set up for GvGNext…

I think it will be something like “gundam seed destiny rengou vs zaft plus II”, where it was one stick and 8 buttons, also it had way to change from “auto-sight” to “manual” by pushing “O” button for a few seconds and then you could use both of the sticks to play.

Hard to tell,they released all of the DWG games even though they were crap.

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