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News: Gundam Extreme Versus Breakdown

Posted on : 01-09-2011 | By : | In : News



What with Gundam Extreme Versus now finally on its way to a PlayStation 3 release, 4Gamer have done a breakdown on the game as well as a nice nod to the previous 10 years of Gundam Vs games. Bar the obvious “avoid getting shot in the face” advice, most of what is being discussed is stuff we already know (no new detail on the new modes as yet unfortunately). However, there is a shot of the Unicorn Gundam displaying green psycho frame innards. This is rather interesting, as it intimates the Full Armor variant might be present in the game after all. Lots of new shots too, so it’s clear the console port will clearly look spot on. There is now also a specific site for the console version too and you can pre-order the game here.


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Doesn’t the Unicorn Gundam get the green psycho frame when you go in to EX mode? Thats what I have seen from the arcade version anyway.

That’s the NT-D mode. Where it glows red. Not green.

No I don’t mean the red destoy mode.

If you check this video ( at around 2:58 he activates destroy mode while already already being in EX mode. It actually happens a couple of times during the video, either destroy into EX or EX into destroy.

Is there anyone else that would like to see the “G-Crossover” again instead of the “Ex-mode”?

I’m actually glad they are bringing back the Awakening mode (EX mode) from the Seed Vs and Zeta Vs games. It’s a nice, short term boost for your unit that has a strategic bend to it. G-Crossovers felt a bit too intrusive to the battle, IMO. They were so massive that it felt really, really distracting.

You can embed images?
Oh boy.

Yeah, just use HTML tags.

Have fun! 🙂

Nah.. really, thanks for adding the function. I just hope others and I can stay quite without trolling 😛

Hahah! It’s fine, I trust you guys. That’s why I added the functionality into comments.

I never noticed, but that kid has sand in his mouth.
No wonder he’s pulling that face.

“this item is not available in your territory”

Thats what I see, I take it play asia wont be shipping this game to europe, from the comments underneth, it seems like americans can and the price is pretty crazy, I cant imagine that with added tax, is their any hope this will come out for a pal market, it really shouldnt have the problems of licensing like SRW etc, its just Gundam, my only worry is they tend not to release the good gundam games over here, like we never got Senki but everyone of those shit dynasty warrior games.

Im willing to wait till next year even, im not on facebook so cant join your little group, i hope it happens though.


I guess I’m the only one that considers these games too simplistic to even bother playing, let alone spend $100 on.

Simpllistic? how so? Not every mecha game has to be AC or FM levels of complex, I remember when people used to play games for fun, Nintendo seem to be the only big boys around that remember that, I guess StreetFighter2 can be viewd as simpllistic at a glance, but a pro player would see much more, cant argue with the price though, that is pretty rough.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with this series, so I’m no expert, but IMO this game is no SF2. Not even close. SF2 is magic. Its also no VOOT.

Its more like those Naruto fighters on Gamecube.

…..LOLOOOLLOLOLOL.Your inexperience with the series amuses me.

>implying Gundam Vs. is any kind of simplistic

Well you just killed yourself and credibility comparing these games to those Naruto games, that would be like me saying SF2 is like Clayfighters, at a glance they both do the same thing, but we know better, as I thought when you made that comment in the first place.

If you dont like the series then thats fine, but they are far from being simpllistic.

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