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News: Gundam Breaker 2 Parts Upgrade System

Posted on : 28-10-2014 | By : | In : News

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What with the release of Gundam Breaker 2 around the corner we’ve now had a somewhat interesting game system revealed. Namely that parts can now be individually upgraded. Considering how complex the customisation system already is, makes this feel a tad overdone. That aside the new Gundam Wing units look pretty marvellous and shiny golden Beargguy is not about to get old any time soon. The game is set for a December 18th release and you can pre-order it here.


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I just want more real custom paint options. I want to be able to spraypaint “Sieg Zeon” on the side of that Bearguy’s head.

Actually, they did change the Decal system so now you can choose the decals you put on rather than using preset ones. Slap an F91 on your Zaku’s chest, put a Anaheim Electronics Logo on the Wing Gundam, etc.

Eh, I dunno. The custom leveling system seems a billion times better than the dumb random star drop system they had for parts in the first game. It makes it so there is a LOT more freedom now, because I can level parts up and use mobile suits that I like rather than being forced into only using parts that I got good drops for (Plus it really sucked in the first game to finally get a rare drop, only for it to suck because it was 1 star.) Everyone I’ve shared the crafting system with thinks it is going to be so much better than the first game. Parts dropping was already something that was determined by RNG, but this at least removes the QUALITY of parts being RNG too, and more determined by the players.

The crafting system also seems way better in that it shows that parts can be developed into new parts (Denan Zon head at level 3 can be turned into the GN-X or Crossbone X1 head), much like the developing system in the SD Gundam G Gen games. Overall everything about Breaker 2 seems much better than the first and the first was one of my favorite games in recent memory (370+ hours). This game is literally addressing every complaint that me and most of my friends had (Metallic paint, parts leveling, less grind, more weapon types, etc.)

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