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News: Gundam Breaker 2 Boss Update

Posted on : 16-10-2014 | By : | In : News, Videos

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In a recent update covering the forthcoming Gundam Breaker 2, we get to see all manner of new bosses. Such as the Adrastrea from Victory Gundam (as shown above). Bandai also released a new promo and this was the one shown at TGS, that displayed the depth and breadth of the customisation within the game. That’s shown below in case you’re curious. The game is set for a December 18th release and you can pre-order it here.


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Comments (7)

Sure hope they fixed the damn combat.

What’s wrong with the combat?

I know this is super late but:

The combat is…eh in GB

The combat feels rather stiff. Your boost movement is extremely limited in that you can only go in one direction, yet enemy units don’t have this restriction for some reason. While there were a lot of melee weapons in GB, they all felt same-y. Weapons are divided in types like two-handed swords, axes, etc. But then you’ve got the Deathscythe’s beam scythe and yet you’re swinging it around exactly like you would a two-handed sword instead of, y’know, a scythe.

Super super late reply but:

it’s like a stiff unfun, grindy version of gundam vs. Or was in gundam breaker 1. Boosting was also awkward, dunno about 2. Seems like it just updated the unit list, really.

What was wrong with it?

Wrong with it?

That was meant to go under the comment by HeatPhonix, sorry.

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