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News: Gundam Battle Operation reaches 300,000 downloads

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Since the game’s release last Thursday, Gundam Battle Operation has already amassed 300,000 downloads. It’s worth understanding that this isn’t the same thing as sales but it’s not bad going. To commemorate this, Bandai Namco have offered some free energy (as in play tokens) via their site, sadly it only allows Japanese mobile phone e-mail addresses to be entered.

After playing it a fair bit though, we think the game is wholly awful. From the mobile suit handling to the truly appalling framerate, it all harks back to Target in Sight. We’re not alone in our scathing appraisal of the game either. We’ve not experienced any lag however, which some people have reported. For those few that are enjoying this though; would you still enjoy it as much if it had cost you the same as another boxed game?


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I think the thing is, I might enjoy what I play of it just because I fill up the room with a team of friends, and only play as my energy allows. I do enjoy the customization and things though, mostly just the painting, since I’ve yet to play a Gundam game where I can do that. The game is fun in small doses, so I’d probably have not paid for the same exact game boxed, because I’d probably grow sick of it a bit fast. The energy system is keeping me from getting sick of it, in a way.

I will say though, I think another part of me really wants to like the game because I really do love ground combat Gundam games. Gundam UC really disappointed me, it was fun, but not as fun to me as say, Lost War Chronicles. 0081 was fun but I’ve basically grinded to the point of having near 100% on everything, and I have no friends to play that with. Battle Operation definitely didn’t meet my expectations though, as I thought it would be, but it’s still somewhat enjoyable.

I guess to me, my ideal Gundam game would have destructable parts (One of the few things I found enjoyable in crossfire) coupled with gameplay like 0081 (and a framerate like Gundam Extreme Vs, even on my standard def TV, that is the most buttery smooth game I’ve ever played). And the paint option from this game.

Sorry for straying away from your original question xD I guess I would probably say I’d not pay FULL price for this game. Probably would pay for it like how I got Crossfire/Target in sight for $5.

I also got Crossfire for 5 bucks. Crazy.

To answer the question in the article, no, I would not have enjoyed this at all if it had cost as much as a boxed game, because I wouldn’t have bought it. I’m not a huge fan of online gaming (although I do play Extreme Vs.), but even if this was somehow offline, it would suck horribly. I enjoyed it after stumbling through the first game, but even after I started doing well, it felt like it just dragged on and on. It isn’t worth paying money for, IMO. As a free game, it’s an interesting play for educational purposes. Sometimes playing bad games can be interesting and fun in their own way, and barring that, at least we have the opportunity to learn.

I’m really more a fan of the strategy mech games, anyway. Glad to hear that G Generation Over World is coming to wash the taste of GGen3D out of my mouth.

Can i play on 3.55 TB ?

Perhaps I’m being superhumanly optimistic, but honestly the energy cap is teaching me pace. I have a TON of shit to do, in animation, digital art making, writing, and pilot school…and getting in a few play-throughs while grinding my way to a Gundam or a Dom (my dream mech) is still a satisfying ordeal. I’m TEARING IT UP with my Guncannon GM/Zaku support mechs, and I’m LOVING IT. I might not be the best at the close quarters, but I ACCIDENTALLY discovered how to grab an enemy mobile suit by the face and slam them down.

(Having said that, I’m all ears for more tips and tricks)

I’m having a blast. And while you might be critical on it’s sluggishness, think back onto Zeonic Front in that the mechanics simply punish you for making a mistake. The most common of which, that I’ve been running into with this game, is indentiftying when you’re in over your head, in that you’re so gun-ho to leap into the front that the rest of the team is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Thus, you’re outnumbered, and predictably gang-banged.

The faults are adaptevily challenge mechanics. I’m diggin’ this game so far. Then again, I’m comparing this to Journey of Jaburo, so I might be satisfied by anything really….take from it what you will, but perhaps y’all are being too bitter for all the hard work that went into this product.

The game for all intents an purposes kinda sucks ,and for a gundam game is more of a vamped up target in sight not to mention the limited play blows. That aside im a huge gundam fan and for me i love playing this game and most of the (few) americans i play with love this game to , its free and if your a uc gundam fan you should def try it out

And yes i would absoluty fan boy blindly buy it at . especially when it ends up sitting on the shelf for 5 bucks like crossfire

Discount bin doesn’t count; would any of you play full price for this if it were a boxed game?

for 2 maps ? no not worth it for a game without a singleplayer campaign mode . This game will grow I mean in your picture for the post is a urban map not yet implemented into the game . My suspicions is this is the pre-cursor to a bigger Gundam Battle Operation 2 game , a boxed retail game with a single player campaign and more maps , and whatever else is dreamed up. But this is sure a nice diversion to get people buying Gundam products , and give Bandai/sony a revenue boost. I can also foresee game exclusive premiums for buying a new Gundam game, buy Full Boost and receive a store code for Effreet Custom in Battle Operations.

The main problem I have is some of the balancing. Take, for example, the snipers. The RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom has its beam sniper rifle, grenades, and a beam saber for self-defense. The MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type on the other hand has just its beam sniper rifle and a couple of the most inaccurate vulcan machine guns in the game. It lacks any proper form of self-defense at close range, which is a problem since so many people love melee rushing in this game. You’d think they’d give it a head hawk or something.

Also no one seems to ever want to work together to defend their base or coordinate an attack(this, of course, does not apply to the enemy team, who seem to always be good at defending), but this is more of a problem with the community.

If they sold this as a full price game i would say hell no i’m not buying this thing.

As it is now, the game is a bare bone experience, and have some questionable design choices (getting MS blueprints at random, no free play, no tutorial, unbalance weapons *coughbazookascough*and some minor issues) it just fells incomplete.

It is a fun game, even playing with strangers, but this will never be something like a AAA game.

the limited plays is not a really problem to me, becaues i don’t have that much time anymore to play games for hours, and since battles a like what 10 mins max, you can get your gundam fix for the day in a short time.

it is a fun game for sure, but there much room for improvement. I still think is to early to pass any judgement on this one. Maybe in the long run the gama and community will evolve and bring us a much better experience that we have now.

Maybe, if the community ever learns to act as a team instead of running around like headless chickens.

Also, heat* hawk as a correction to my last post.

I almost want to learn how to warn some of these guys of common scenarios in Japanese. I’m afraid that if I start talking to them English, they won’t understand what I’m saying :c

I’t s just as well , it’s been my experience that once a ‘gaijin is detected in a lobby they try to kick you .
just play the game , do your best , and leave the chatting to them . eventually we will figure out what the direction pad commands are for signaling in the game .

It’s crazy but I like it.
It needs so much fixing, but it’s ALRIGHT as it is. Not great though.

I watch the videos on the site, and it shows GM’s pulling off advanced take downs, like balling both hands into a fist, and hammering them down to the ground, or Gundam’s flat out picking up fully sized Dom’s and slamming them to the ground… How do you do these things intentionally?

AND! I see some Zaku’s pull off some crazy evasion where they roll off to the side along the ground and get back up. Is that a lightweight model-only feature? How are they doing this?

Melee models only, I believe? I dunno for sure.

As for the takedowns, you hit triangle right before they melee you and you will do a counterattack takedown. The animation varies depending on the MS type.

I’ve been asking that same question myself because in the beta all of the units could roll as a means of evasion but it seems as if they took that feature out.

That green GM looks so much like the Master Chief from Halo.

Master Chief’s original design was actually inspired by Yutaka Uzubuchi’s GM designs from Gundam 0080. The GM above is the RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom from MSV (circa 1983).

Considering this game is free, it was precisely what I expected. If I were to pay full price, Im confident more would have been added into it. So the question is pretty much invalid.

Only downside I have is the stunning of my MS from both enemies AND allies… Over all movement and graghics are great and how they should be.

You get what you pay for so this is a pretty legit Gundam game.

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