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News: Gundam Assault Survive Released Today

Posted on : 18-03-2010 | By : | In : News



Gundam Assault Survive has been released in Japan today. This is the successor of sorts to Artdink’s range of Gundam Battle games, with a few new elements from Dynasty Warriors thrown in for good measure. This is also the first Gundam game Artdink have made that branches out from the Universal Century timeline, as it features mecha from both SEED and 00.


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so…will you review this after a while XD (that is if you intend to get this game?)

Most probably, we’ll see.

Cool news! I definitely want to pick this up sooner or later, because I have enjoyed all of the Artdink Gundam games that I have. They really know how to do Gundam right on the PSP.

And I am looking forward to your review.

The big question is–what the heck does Artdink do now? They’ve knocked it out of the park with GUNDAM and MACROSS…maybe a VOTOMS game for the PSP?

(Yeah, it’s a pipe dream, but still…might work, y’know?”

I know wishing for these to come out on consoles (especially PS2 because I’m a dinosaur) is a long shot, but they’re exactly the kind of games I’m looking for. Oh well, I suppose that’s what jobs are for…

And the best part is that you can play them on the PSP with no need for modding. The only obstacle is the language barrier, but that’s about it–there will be walkthroughs and tips online.

Plus, the graphics that Artdink has created for these games comes close to PS2 graphics…some great stuff _and_ great gameplay to go with it.

The games in the series was good……except for the completely BROKEN melee……

I figured out most of the Wonderswan G Generation games on my own, so the language barrier wasn’t much of an issue. I just like playing things on PS2 more, is all. Though ultimately a PS3 installment would be the best reasonable next step for Artdink to undertake (or Namdai to update while Artdink does something new).

True enough. And besides, the PS2 still has the Sega/AM2 MACROSS game…

Like you said, though, it’s a matter of preference. While I do have some very good mecha games for my PS2–including GUNDAM vs ZETA GUNDAM, ZEONIC FRONT, ENCOUNTERS IN SPACE, and ZOE 1 and 2 plus R.A.D., those were the American releases–wasn’t too keen on modding my PS2.

That said, I agree with you on hoping that Artidink can tackle a Gundam game on the PS3. If done right, it could rock…

will there be an english version for this game?

The melee system in this game is quite good now. I can say that it has really improved a lot.

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