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News: Gigantic Army Demo

Posted on : 28-07-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos



Over at Game Set Watch they’ve uncovered a new doujin game by Astro Port called Gigantic Army. Specifically, this is a free two level demo of the game (download link here).

For the more observant of you this may seem awfully similar to Dracue’s Gunhound, which we do still intend to review. Like Gunhound though, Gigantic Army’s functional influences stem from the Assault Suits series, specifically Valken and Leynos II (not to mention VOTOMS, as many of the roller sound effects are lifted straight from the series!). With any luck this may even get an English translation but for the time being the game is more than playable in Japanese.


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Why do I hear random American police radio stuff on the background? Keep hearing them saying “parking lot”.

It’s worth mentioning that this game has a better than average chance of coming out in English, as a company called “CuriousFactory” brought over three other ASTRO PORT mecha games:

CuriousFactory hasn’t added any games to their catalogue since I posted the above news item, though. Not sure if that means they’re inactive or just busy with something else.

This demo is very fun! Multiple weapon sets, couple of difficulties, replay save, and game-pad support…man, I just spent an hour playing through it a few times and messing with all the combos of weapons I could. I’d love to get the reatail version when it finally comes out, and I look forward to your review of Gunhound. Is that demo still around?

This is pretty nifty. Not as punishing as Cybernator, starting out, but it doesn’t pull punches and runs smooth as butter on my laptop.

If you like platforming shmups, definitely give this a look.

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