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News: Gerbera Tetra added to Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost

Posted on : 25-08-2013 | By : | In : News, Videos




After losing the mobile contest against the Crossbone X-3, the next suit to be added to the Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost roster on August 27 will be the Gerbera Tetra, piloted by Cima Garahau. Completing the Stardust Memory mobile suit crew, the Gerbera Tetra is a 2000 cost mobile suit that looks to be rather nimble.


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Cool, nice to have another female in the ranks, especially one as interesting as Cima. I like her Gelgoog support attack. But then I am quite the sucker for any Gelgoog variant.


Thought the Gerbrea was a Gundam variant.

Yeah, it’s a variant of the GP04 Gundam, done with a more Zeonic style. I’ve never really seen/heard anything about it being related to the Gelgoog.

The GP 04 is underneath it’s armor.

I was talking about her Gelgoog Marine assist attack.

How can you get the update if you’re outside Japan? Can you get it?

Also, can never find the DL section in the JP PSN. Not that I know enough Japanese… 🙁

FULL BOOST. You’ll never find it outside of an arcade till they port it over.

But there is DLC for the PS3 game. At least I thought.

Just got a translation for the game and it mentions an update several times. Thought it was for the PS3 because of the symbols it uses.

The DLC for PS3 is 6 sets of 2 units, plus one free one.
Blue Destiny Unit 01
Freedom Gundam
Xi Gundam
Arche Gundam
Astray Gold Frame
Zaku III
Bonus (Free): Hi-Nu Gundam

However, most characters that are being announced are for the Full boost Arcade Game, not the PS3 game. The PS3 game only has a fraction of the units the arcade game has, and most people are pretty sure Full boost is going to get a PS3 release (There are many other changes from the PS3 version to Full Boost besides the expanded character roster.)

I cannot fucking wait to use GP03’s EX burst attack on her.

So if that image leak was spot on, then that means we’ll get G-Armor, Striker Custom, AGE-1 and possibly, S Gundam announcements in the coming months, right?

AFAIK rumor says the October unlock is either G-Armor or AGE-1

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