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News: Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Release Details

Posted on : 22-04-2014 | By : | In : News, Videos




In a slightly bizarre move, Bandai Namco in the US have decided to release Shin Gundam Musou as Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn this July. The bizarre part is that unlike the Japanese release last year, this will be a digital only release and then only for the PS3 (with the Vita version being ignored entirely). Compared to the previous Gundam Musou enties, the latest entry is somewhat of a disappointment and likely explains why the new US release is being slipped under the radar. In any case, the announcement trailer is shown below.


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No Mystery here , Bandai endured bad reviews and fan rants over the BGM being stripped out for generic non gundam themes . This is their way to release a cheap North American version that will maximize their profits , without having to answer to not using voice dubs and the original music as the domestic release . I for one am glad they offered us something from the long neglected Gundam games .

I’d still rather prefer Gundam Extreme, in a similar condition with voice and music, than this though.

Ugh, meh.

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