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News: Border Break Scramble Announced

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Border Break Scramble

Over the past few years, Border Break has had somewhat of tumultuous time. It started out very well, but with each successive iteration more and more players dropped away. From Airburst to Union and now Scramble, SEGA are obviously hoping that the fourth update will be one to bring the punters back. The biggest problem the series has had is through its aggressive monetisation. It started out fairly invasive but has become more encompassing to the point that it’s financially crippling to play at the higher levels (as in the cost to “get good” has just gone through the roof). Whether this monetisation will have been fixed for Scramble is unclear, as you’d expect SEGA are pretty cagey about this, but it’s clear they haven’t given up on the series yet. The smart thing about Border Break though is that each of the updates haven’t required new hardware as technically it’s just a software update. So from an arcade management point of view, it’s a lot less hassle to host the game. No word on a release date, bar sometime this year, but it will be interesting to see how this does in the wild and whether gamers will come back to it.


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I’m not sure why they don’t try to monetize their previous efforts by releasing a nerfed PS3 version with slightly less monetization (of the previous version) at some point.

Console ports massively undermine your userbase unless you have an all new game on the way. SEGA learnt this the hard way with the Dreamcast. It’s why the Gundam Extreme Versus games don’t get a console release until the next one is almost out.

Note “(of the previous version)”. Put out the old one on PS3 and the new one in arcade. Do a Bamco. SEGA, be ambitious!

The problem is how people pay for Border Break, it’s not like Gundam Versus where you put 100 yen to play and that’s it. A console port would very likely undermine the arcade release even if it was an older version of the game. What’s more likely is that when it dies in the arcades here we’ll get a port so that SEGA can cover their losses.

So basically Sega is surprised that the more expensive they made the game to play, the few people played it?

The shock…

Are there art books for this series?

Not currently, sadly. SEGA have been very uptight on naming the mecha designers for this, as they’re internal.

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