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News: Border Break Airburst 2.5 Update

Posted on : 24-06-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos



One of our favourite arcade games, is getting another new and quite substantial update. The recently “released” Border Break Airburst will be updated with all manner of new mecha and maps on June 29th. As well as having a slightly modified but more focused twist to a core game type. Specifically, Border Break works by having opposing teams kill each other and capture spawn points. The more spawnpoints and enemies killed results in a win for that side. However, each team has a well defended base with a vulnerable core. Destroying an opposing side’s core nets a win instantly. This new mode effectively has the focus shifted to directly attacking or defending a side’s core, eschewing all the tactical land grabs from capturing spawn points. From our experience, some of the most heated battles were always around a team’s core so it’s cool that a game mode has sort of taken this into account. In addition, in a partial nod to Armored Core no doubt, players can now also customise emblems for their mecha.

Whilst there is still no news of a home console port of the Border Break games, the fact that the Wii U is on the horizon (with a nice touchscreen setup) could mean we may see this on a console sooner rather than previously, well, never.


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Comments (4)

After reading that review again I long for a home port of Border Break…

Hasn’t Sega of Japan noticed yet how many mecha fans are on this site yearning for this kind of game on our consoles and PCs? So it’s just you and me, huh?

That would first mean that Japanese developers care about overseas fans… and as far as I know, hell hasn’t frozen over yet.

Border Break is a massive money maker for Sega in the Japanese arcades. Considering the Western arcade scene is practically non-existent, it’s hardly surprising they haven’t tried releasing it abroad.

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