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News: Border Break Air Burst at this year’s JAMMA show

Posted on : 09-09-2010 | By : | In : News



4Gamer has covered SEGA’s setup at this year’s JAMMA show and amongst the games on display is the upcoming Border Break Air Burst (effectively Ver 2.0 of the current game). As you know, we love the current game and this “sequel” also has clan support as well as what appear to be in-game dropships. The new game is still slated for a release later this year.


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As happy as I am to hear this…I want a home release of this game already.

I dont even pay attention to this game anymore, not because I dont like it, I do, but I know unless I move to japan, Im never going to play it.

Home release? lol, keep dreaming, not only for its unique interface and control system that would require some kind of VO or SB type product, but we are talking about SEGA here…..SEGA, yeah its not happening.

Also I was thinking why dont SEGA do like what SNK did in the past and release a new arcade console like the neo geo, yes the games would be expensive as would be the console, but Id bet that it would sell like mad, make it look as cool as the wonder mega call it dreamcast 2, which name sake would cause hysteria alone. Border Break and VF 5 FS and whatever other arcade games they have and throw in a special made Sonic Game, perhaps its just a dream of the fanboy in me, but with a limtied release of such a thing within there budget I cant see how it could fail, it wouldnt be going up against the ps3 or 360, it would be an elite console just as I mentioned the Neo Geo was during the days of snes and megadrive.

Sometimes I wonder what the people up in SEGA offices are thinking, not the dev teams, but the people that make the business decisions, maybe they’re still crying about not putting a DVD drive in the dreamcast?

I’ll tell you when the port will come out for this, in 8 years time on MS 1080 Console on Live, of course by then nobody will care.

You’d have to get Sammy to pony up for that. I think you’ll get home greatest hits pachinco before you get a Sega/NeoGeo. Still, I would buy one too if I could play Border Break.
The NeoGeo had advantages over consoles of it’s day that would be impossible to have now and Sega would have to not release it’s games on other consoles to make a NeoGeo type thing worth buying.
You don’t have to move to Japan to play though, I’m sure Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, HK, or Taipei would be fine too ;P

As someone who played the game quite a bit while I was stationed in Japan and an avid gamer in general, which the game has a somewhat unique control scheme in the arcades, it wouldn’t be that hard to port it to a PC or a console.

PC of course would be the easiest to port to with its essentially mouse and keyboard controls that it has (The left hand “joystick” doesn’t move and is instead just a piece to hold the movement and alternate controls.)

Honestly, you could map it to a PS3 or X-Box 360 controls with no real issues. It wouldn’t be anything like the problems you have porting VO to a console.

Of course, why Sega hasn’t announced a port to consoles still confounds me. There is a decent chance a good port of this, priced right, would sell well.

They could port it to PSP, like Senjou no Kizuna. Not ideal for all of us, but a bit more possible, I’d reckon. A port on the 360 or PS3 might cut into their arcade business moreso than they’d like.

A PC port would make the absolute most sense, though. The skills would feed right back into the arcade scene.

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