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News: Armored Core Verdict Day World Update

Posted on : 09-07-2013 | By : | In : News

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Over at 4Gamer there’s a new piece about the world in Armored Core Verdict Day. Despite doing the obvious staple corporate round-up, we now also have Reapers (picture above and that sound a lot like the Zodiac ACs you faced in the previous game) and on top of all that, it seems that the AI controlled UNACs are also part of the story too. That in itself is actually a nice little touch, especially with all the Nineball stuff we’ve had in the past (an army of Nineballs you say?). However, the biggest thing (literally) that’s been highlighted is that of the giant and equally mysterious tower we’ve seen in all the media for the game. For those that are familiar with VOTOMS, this tower should look narratively familiar and considering Armored Core’s narrative history with AI overlords we expect something similar again (something the UNACs are likely part of too). Obviously I could talk more here about all this but some people go apeshit over spoilers, so alas I shall abstain. Anyway, it seems that Verdict Day’s narrative is more grounded than the previous game and September can’t come soon enough.


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Hopefully Bamco won’t ruin the box art.

They already showed it, it’s the same as the JPN box art.

The part of the 4gamer article that appears to be describing the personality of various AC pilots seems to be a move in the right direction. One of my favorite elements from 4 and For Answer was that the other AC pilots were treated as essential characters. It was a lot more meaningful when a mission featured a LINX you’d already heard stories about than fighting a random AC.

The Zodiacs in ACV were a cool feature, but it wasn’t quite the same feeling as hearing you were going up against, say, the Noblesse Oblige or Otsdarva.

I wonder how much of the Tower might be based on the OAV they originally planned for Armored Core, “Fort Tower Song.”

Also, “people go apeshit over spoilers”–says the man who has seen every mecha anime already. Hey, I don’t mind if you’re going to spoil, I dunno, Majestic Prince or something–but don’t spoil Votoms. It’s almost as bad as that time my priest spoiled The Bible for me.

I’m still waiting for an explanation of what exactly the Chief and Carol were.

Also lol at a RJ bipedal carrying a sniper cannon, but then again the AI doesn’t suffer accuracy penalties like the player does.

You think you could tell us about the other factions that you can choose from in VD, seeing as 4gamer seems to talk about Sirius Executives, Vendie, EverGreen Family, Signs and the now announced VoW (Voice of War) in depth we haven’t been able to hear about before? Would make the english speaking only AC fans happy and make choosing a faction easier before the game ships in the fall (Even if the end result is “Fuck, I’ll just be a Signs merc!” :p ).

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