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News: Armored Core Verdict Day Regioning Update

Posted on : 30-09-2013 | By : | In : News, Videos

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Following on from this post, we now know that the EU and US 360 versions of Armored Core Verdict Day are indeed region free and share the same server. However, the Japanese 360 version is region locked and is on a separate server. Both PS3 versions are region free, like pretty much every PS3 game, but again the Japanese release is on a separate server, with the EU and US games again sharing one server. The reason for this, we’re guessing, is that Bandai Namco publish the game outside of Japan with From Software handling that region directly. So the releases are handled by separate publishers and consequently locked out from one another.

Separately, for those that have been following the game’s release it’s also clear that Bandai Namco are up to something pretty dodgy. As the game has had no marketing whatsoever, with no-one knowing the game is even out. The release window, being so close to Grand Theft Auto V, also seems a bit strange too as it would be obvious to any marketing department that you’d steer clear of that. Otherwise your game will just get buried. This has begged the question as to whether Bandai Namco are trying to kill the series off entirely. The latter wouldn’t be overly surprising as they’re clearly only really interested in Dark Souls at this point.

Anyway, we’ve already finished the campaign and been playing the game online a fair bit and our review will be forthcoming hopefully this week. In the meantime, you can read a decent review of the game here. There are also some nice new trailers out too, so have a look at them below.

Update: The international ACVD Link is now up.







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Or at least, they are probably doing their best to prove there is NO interest for the AC series in the west. My guess ? It’s their parent company in Japan who insist for the series to be published in the rest of the world, whereas the only FROM title which interest the western arm of Namco Bandai is indeed Dark Souls…

Not really, this is basic devaluing of an IP before an acquisition. Undermining a game’s release doesn’t prove or disprove a game’s inherent success.

Looking forward to the review!

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