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News: Armored Core Verdict Day Announced

Posted on : 20-02-2013 | By : | In : News

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Over at Famitsu we now have confirmation that there will be indeed be a follow on to the excellent Armored Core V. Entitled Armored Core Verdict Day it will continue the same territorial online setup along with improved matchmaking and the ability to switch sides during battle (!). Though, if we’re honest, we’d be more happy if they were going to merge the various servers for the game. That aside, there will be an obvious singleplayer contingent continuing the overall narrative from the preview game. We also have a release date, that of September 26th this year for both PS3 and 360. Save data from the previous game will also be usable in Verdict Day and there will also be a limited edition version of the game available, which will come with a figure and soundtrack. Considering that Armored Core V was released in January of last year, the turnaround on Verdict Day has been pretty quick.


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I rather just see FROM release a patch to consolidate the servers worldwide for existing ACV
instead of dev’ving away at a new game. The fans surely have asked/begged for it since launch.

If ACV:VD doesn’t have cross region support out of the box then I won’t be buying it. I’ve been a big fan of the series since the original came out on the playstation and own them all, and even been using “3rd party” ways to still play AC Nexus etc. online back in the day.

The sad thing is, all my AC loving friends either live in Japan, or the US. None of my Dutch friends like AC. So when AC5 came out, and everybody had to play on their own server it was a BIG downer.

To me, the SP is mostly a ” gotta collect all the “Free” parts ! ” mode and the occasional “ooh look at our big setpieces ” – whilst all the action was in the online part for me. (face it, the CPU is boring to play) So in today’s crowded game market, i’ll really think twice about buying an SP only game unless it is absolutely epic.

Sure, I can play with random people on EU server.
But that’s just not nearly as fun, and what time I spend playing online i’d rather do it with friends. And thus I gravitated away from ACV to games I could play in unison rather quick. *sigh*

Anyway. What would be fun though, is if they did something akin to Gundam Unicorn (PS3) ‘s custom cast mode. i.e have the ability to not just have a group of AC’s but also add some various larger scale AI controlled vehicles such as the battleships you could acquire and fight alongside you in GU.
I guess this wouldn’t really work out, since that would mean moving away from the denser urban based action AC V had been going for, and then going back to large open spaces akin to AC IV series

I don’t think there’s any chance of the current ACV servers ever being merged; from what I heard, they’
ve been designed differently so it would be pretty difficult to make it happen :/

Good news is, ACVVD may actually be FROMs answer to this, as a screenshot from the Famitsu link shows a world map which seems to indicate there won’t be a region lock this time around.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure till they make an official announcment, but nonetheless, I for one am excited!

4Gamer has their own write up, it really seems like you’re fighting for the entire world instead of just a continent and isn’t a sort of global matchmaker.

official site up, too.

He i second that im also from holland (dutch and it a pain to find friends that play it on eu server so combine those servers or dont botter releasing in europe ow and add me my ps3 tag is XIZero-CoolIX
on xbox 360 its II Zero Cool II add me if u play Armored core 4, FA, or V

ACV kinda killed it for me. It showed they’re more than willing to fool around with the underlying systems but never truly advance the game meaningfully.Its nice to have another sequel and all but I just don’t feel it anymore.

Also,looks like (non-energy) shields are in.

Bamco will probably decide not to localize this for the US and Europe after ACV’s terrible Western sales. I can’t imagine anyone else picking it up. Might be for the best, since we won’t miss out on any additional content or patches this time if we import, and the playerbase will be unified.

You make it sound like any AC game was a smash hit.

If Europe is getting a release despite being the worst performing region for ACV’s sales, I can’t see the US not getting it.

The US site is now up and the game is still being published by Bamco. Release date is listed as Fall for stateside and even English screenshots are starting to appear.

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