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News: Armored Core V Territory Defense Update

Posted on : 03-03-2011 | By : | In : News

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Famitsu has a new piece today about the territory defense setup in Armored Core V. Due to the game being permanently online, the player has to setup their base with a selection of territorial defenses (in the form of beefy cannons). It’s nice to see that something that was mentioned in passing around the game’s announcement is actually a pretty cogent concept (as the above screenshot indicates). In addition, the piece also briefly talks about and shows how the operator view works in the game. As it allows players to see the whole battlefield play out in real time. Apparently, you’ll be able to place markers down on the map that other players can see and coupled with voice communications will enable the team to react to enemy threats. Still no word on a release date, though Famitsu thinks it’s still sometime this year.


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Glad to see that their taking some concepts from Chrome hounds and implementing it. I’ve always tought Chrome hounds was like an experimental platform for FROM software to see what they could potentially do with online.

I never played Chromehounds unfortunately, but it’s really cool to see how AC V is coming together. Hopefully, all the focus on the online mechanics doesn’t make the core aspect of the game, piloting AC’s, watered down or underdeveloped.

There were never many “core concepts” to piloting an AC to begin with.There were boost and heat management in the old days but that was it.

Yeah, you’re right my bad. Actually I don’t think my post said anything at all pertaining to what I meant by core concepts.

Having never played Nexus, I can’t really comment on heat mechanics. And I can’t really say balanced weapons, because from AC3 and SL there were some overpowered machine guns, and that there is a general consensus on a best FCS and generator in those games. I should’ve thought through my post more clearly.

Yeah,AC has always had trouble finding a level of balance acceptable for competitive play.I personally think that there are too many variables for them to work out in order to get the game to play at a level that pleases it critics but due to the multiplayer focus of AC5 they have no choice but to try.

Not sure I agree at all on that, having participated in a number of PS2 era (Japanese) tournaments. I think the main issue, outside of Japan, is that the AC community is very antagonistic and disjointed. The games have always been very cogent in a multiplayer sense, though your mileage may vary between release.

Well said.

Man, it’s going to be brawl XD

This game keeps looking better and better. The only thing I disslike is the fact that the concept “Raven” has been lost. I mean, this looks excellent, but it seems to be more like a Chromehounds in the future than “Armored Core” with the lone Ravens killing each others.

Anyway, I’m definitively going to buy it 😛

I also miss e-mail from arena opponents and corporations. This wasn’t in 4A, actually I haven’t heard anything about the arena in 5. It might not be necessary due to how online the game is. Though, I do look forward to the online 1 vs 1 ladder if there is such a thing. I mean why not right? It’s the most basic online setup.

Doesn’t sound like people are going to have much fun as the operator.

The operator view may be a toggled, rather than a dedicated setup. A few comments by Nabeshima lean towards this but it’s not been explained in detail as yet.

Take a look at the fourth screenshot.It shows what weapons are equipped (LA,RA,LH (left hanger),etc) but there doesn’t seem to be a Left Back or Right Back only SU which I’m guessing is shoulder unit.I’m not saying its conclusive bit it is weird.

Yeah, that’s a good point. This was brought up before in the post featuring a tank-leg screenshot.

I dismissed it at first but it may just be back weapons are gone.

Also note the letters beneath each weapon. Could it be that we can select the ammo type like in Chromehounds?

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