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News: Armored Core V Release Delayed

Posted on : 01-08-2011 | By : | In : News

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As a result of the ongoing beta testing From Software have announced that, in order to polish the game further, they are delaying Armored Core V’s Japanese release until January 2012. In some ways, this is not overly surprising but it is encouraging. The whole point of the beta testing was to uncover and resolve potential problems before release. So it’s good to know that From Software are doing just that. There will also be another live stream for the game on August 5th.


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It’s too bad we have to wait longer but now we know they’re actually polishing their netcode and such.

What were some of the issues?

You would have to ask a beta tester.

I just took a look at the schedule for the stream,looks like we’ll be seeing a full story mission (unlike the last one which was probably an order mission).

Things we’ve learned this time around:

Laser Blades have absurd reach.

Energy weapon effects are awesome.

Recon units can be “flung”.

Energy (for the time being at least) seems to regenerate even faster than in AC4.

Garage points are pretty literal since you can change your loadout when you use them (for a fee).

You can change what kind of missile your shoulder weapon fires and add a magazine to it.

Mission checkpoints look like their in.

There will be preselected messages for those without mics.

It looks like you can have ten people on a team.

There will be defensive turrets ranging from small autocannons to cruise missiles and the amount of these that can be place in an area is dependent on its power rating.Furthermore, turrets will also come in multiple sizes and have different firing characteristics (sniper cannons have long range but a small angle of fire while the cruise missile can hit anything in a 360 degree radius).

You and your team and test the effectiveness of your turret set up by playing a mock invasion scenario.

They will in fact hurt and not be useless.

It is true that arms have shoulder weapon limits.

I hope we see Overed Weapons on the 21st.

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