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News: Armored Core V Closed Beta Delayed

Posted on : 27-06-2011 | By : | In : News

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Due to the ongoing maintenance on the Japanese PSN, the closed beta test for Armored Core V’s suitably epic online setup has been indefinitely delayed, at least until the Japanese PSN is back up and running again. Thankfully the 360 closed beta is still good to go and will commence on July 19th. Still, considering that in Japan at least the vast majority of gamers would be playing the game on PS3 (as they did for both AC4 and ACFA) the fact that they are out of the loop until PSN is fixed is a bit worrying. As the whole point of this exercise was to stress test the network setup for the game, so the more more people you have online the better. Fingers crossed the Japanese PSN problems are resolved soon.


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I don’t yet understand why FromSoftware runs a beta with US players. Their inability to engage the English and keep catering to their Japanese fan page is enraging.

I guess that’s a second meaning of “Closed” beta…

Well, to be fair they are a Japanese only publisher. Bandai Namco is handling the international distribution and publishing after all (to the extent that they created an even bigger Facebook fanpage).

There very likely will be a closed beta for the Western release but you’d best ask Bandai Namco about it really. As it would be their servers handling the setup.

A closed beta is the way to go.The Japanese and American fanbases have differing opinions on how AC should be handled and recieving two different sets of balancing feedback from beta testers wouldn’t be helpful at all.Second,since Bamco is handling overseas dustribution and marketing you really should let them know how you feel.

Almost makes you want to keep playing ACFA or AC4.

They dont care about us dirty gaijins.

Also adding, youd think they would work on the NA/European networks first to work out all the kinks over long distances. Cause if you can make it work amazingly over those long distances, their japanese networks on thier little island would be crazy fast.

Again, that would be handled by Namco Bandai. It also makes more sense to do a relatively local beta test, to ensure basic stability, before branching out internationally.

From Software is not an international publisher. They have no foreign branches. They aren’t ostracising anyone as far as I can see.

How hard is it to at least translate your webpage to english? Seriously.

I guess they are leaving that up to bamco

And they’re doing it so well, that in the description they star saying that it’s a one-on-one battle game, and in the end they say it’s “huge” team based.

Somehow, this reminds me to what ubisoft did to us with this:


I think you may need to re-read that. They make a clear distinction between the older games and the new one.

Well, if they mean PSOne and PS2 games, then it’s ok, but not every game. Remember the last 2. I guess it depends on the view point. 🙂

In a country where English isn’t he primary language and the expense and effort to get someone who’s actually fluent enough to produce fairly accurate copy along with keeping up with the updating the website?

Pretty hard.

It requires like… two people.

A translator and a webpage editor. Possibly the same person.

In a country where people don’t speak English as a primary language and is not apart of their primary market.

What part of HARD do you not get?

The part where it’s not hard at all, it’s not like they don’t have funds to hire a translator? Even if it’s not the devs tongue they can hire someone, just gotta put in the effort.

You should apply.

I’ll take one for the team.

Here I come crappy translations!

They’re relying on Bamco for that.

Going through the expense and effort to hire a pro level translator/copy editor/ web dev is harder than you think it is since they are in an area where that kind of talent is at a premium AND they don’t care since it’s not apart of their home business model.

Seriously, guys, if a small exclusively Western publisher were asked to cater for a Japanese fanbase they’d tell them to go fuck themselves.

At least From Software try to talk to their foreign fans. None of them are native English speakers either.

You can say that, but if I was an indie dev I’d have google translate translate my site into Japanese/Spanish/Swahili for my fans everywhere.

Also, I wouldn’t neccesarily call From Software small… or exclusively Japanese.

As a publisher From Software is one of the smallest (in terms of workforce) and it is a wholly owned and run Japanese company.

As for Google Translate, for an unprofessional indie maybe but for a Japanese national games publisher? That’s pretty shoddy.

They do have their own corporate site in English though:

I still think asking a Japanese company, with no international branches, to cater for a market they aren’t involved in is dumb though. Especially when they already have publishing partners abroad.

I’d appreciate it.

Really guys?Come on.

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