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News: Another Century’s Episode R Sales

Posted on : 25-08-2010 | By : | In : News



Over at 4Gamer they’ve shown this week’s sales and bearing in mind that Another Century’s Episode R was only released last Thursday the fact it’s at the top of the charts with a whopping 219,849 sales is very impressive (especially as it’s higher than the three previous games). What’s less impressive is actually how bad the game is and despite the somewhat suspicious glut of positive reviews in the Japanese games press, the public are really not happy with the new game. Whilst our review will be forthcoming in the next day or so, for those that sat on the fence for this you really shouldn’t bother and the remainder that imported (including yours truly) we share your pain. Here’s hoping the inevitable next game in the series isn’t as bad as this one was.


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I’m really glad I held back on this one. Thanks Cacophanus, can’t wait for the review.

Man o man, sorry to hear people are ‘sharing the pain.’
I’m interested to hear where they went wrong though.

The game is great the bad reviews are mostly trolls with the occasional legit complaint about the targetting system. it isnt exactly anything new for fanboys to rate down great games on other consoles

I have to agree with excellen.The game does have flaws but the game still performs well enough to drown them out.

Japanese game prices + import markup + poor economy + weak dollar probably have a lot to do with fan rage, although most of the criticisms I’ve heard about the game mechanics seem like fairly big problems that should never have existed, especially after the first three ACE games had a formula that was working fairly well, and From Software already nailed a great next-gen mecha control system with Armored Core 4/For Answer. Considering all that, I can’t blame people for being disappointed.

That’s not to say that people who are dead-set on seeing their favorite robot in glorious HD will necessarily be disappointed, but at some point there has to be a distinction between the fangasm and a game’s actual merits. People already know what series are in the game, and they can decide if that alone is worth it to them; any discussion of the game after that has to be about the gameplay, because that’s the unknown factor that people need to know to decide if it’s worth plunking down their cold, hard cash for.

I have this game. So…

Graphic : not that good. The mechas especially, not detailed, looks like a HG gunpla turn 3d

Gameplay : the best of the series. Targetting system is not that much problem. Gameflow is a lot faster. Boss fight is the best part.

Sound and music : quite good. I love custom soundtrack

ACE : R is a good game, satisfy the fans, but it can do more actually. Fromsoftware should put more effort for this game…

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