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Videos: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS 2 Announced For 2018Videos: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS 2 Announced For... Bandai Namco have recently announced that Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS 2 will be hitting arcades in 2018. Unlike Gundam Versus, this is being positioned as a true sequel...

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Videos: Build Strike Gundam, Farsia, Gundam Pixie, and Efreet Schneid Coming To Gundam VersusVideos: Build Strike Gundam, Farsia, Gundam Pixie,... Several new DLC units have been announced during the Gundam Games Announcement stream on January 16. Aside from revealing God and Master Gundam gameplay, we saw Missing...

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News: Another Century’s Episode Portable Cross Over Attacks

Posted on : 27-12-2010 | By : | In : News



Following on from the combination attacks in a previous update, 4Gamer now has the scoop on the Cross Over Attacks in the forthcoming Another Century’s Episode Portable. Unlike the the previous attacks of this kind, where only the player had to connect prior to the attack initiating, your ally will also need to be in the vicinity for the attack to work. In addition, once the attack is triggered the player will be momentarily prone; adding more risk to this feature. Following on from this, the update also shows new shots of the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser, Type-0/0A Shinkirou and VF-25S Messiah. The game is still slated for a January 13th release in Japan and you can pre-order it here.


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Another attack that leaves you wide open,do we need more of those?

So is this series actually supposed to be good? I played the PS3 one the other day and I thought it was HORRIBLE. Exactly how I’d expect a mecha anime game from the makers of Armored Core: clunky and slow and no fun at all.

I tried the Frontier missions first. The arenas are small and poorly marked and I’d get stuck at the edge trying to turn around and eventually explode from the damage (!?) of being OB.

After that I tried a FMP mission and the boss killed me in 2 seconds. In order to retry you have to sit through the UNSKIPABLE intro every time.

Its…torture! Seriously. One of the worst games I’ve played in years. It made me want to go play early PS/Saturn Bandai mecha games or F91 on SFC. Its that bad.

Also…the mecha are all rendered in such as way that they look almost identical somehow. No personality.

The PS3 game is pretty atrocious, the PS2 games are much better. The upcoming PSP game seems to be based on them.

Apparently, From Software didn’t have much production control on ACE:R – which resulted in the clunky mess we got (as the SRW team have a pretty poor track record with action orientated games).

Well, with any luck, they will realize the error of attempting to take too much control, and perhaps OG3 (or whatever they might go with next in the SRW series) will give us some of the nice ACE unit designs, like the Ixbrau or Gunark. Not likely, but it would be a nice way to pay back the Japanese fans (since we westerners would generally be considered unimportant).

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