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News: 2nd Super Robot Wars OG Ability System and Archive

Posted on : 28-09-2012 | By : | In : News



What with 2nd Super Robot Wars OG on its way, we have new information on the game’s ability system and an archive movie mode. With the former, pilots can have abilities added that increase their hit rate, attack damage and armor. These appear to be separate from pilot skills or the mecha upgrades and cumulatively add to the whole team. So you can set up a group of units which will have mutually reinforced abilities. Sounds quite interesting. In addition, they also make a point of highlighting the fact that playing on harder difficulty results in you facing more units, which in turn allows you to earn more SR Points. Finally, thee game will also come with an archive movie mode that covers the events in the previous OG games. All in all this entry into the OG saga looks to be pretty intricate, so we’re getting rather excited for its release. Don’t forget that you can pre-order you copy here here.


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That dripping sound? Me salivating over the game.

I’m excited for this game to come out since it means we are that much closer to a real, PS3, non-OG SRW game.

I have zero intention of buying this, but it makes the future look bright.

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