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Videos: Updated Armored Core V Promo

Posted on : 17-08-2011 | By : | In : Videos

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What with Gamescom under way, Armored Core V has received a new trailer to show off its online setup. Whilst the voice over is a bit stiff, it conveys the premise of the game well. As always, it’s looking very nice indeed. In addition to the video, a selection of new screenshots are also up on the official Facebook page. Here are some additional videos from inside the Gamescom booth.


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I always wonder how Japanese developers get English voice overs for things like this.Do they just look for white people on the street?

if its anything like the way we get japanese/french/italian/german/spanish voice overs for some of our games they probably have contacts with recording studios that specifically have english speakers on staff.

Also I think theres quite the market for it in Japan. As far as I’m aware quite a few games have their dialogue recorded in English and then subbed for the Japanese version (Resident Evil and Silent Hill do this I think). It might be for authenticity given the settings – I’m just not sure.

Sometimes, in the old days, yeah. But now…I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff isn’t even recorded in Japan. There is no reason why it should have to be.

From Software did this before to hilarious effect with Metal Wolf Chaos, so it’s a bit strange to have them doing this seriously, especially since it is supposed to represent online conversation. You know what might have worked better: borrow from Line of Contact’s trailer and use actual people (speaking Japanese) with subtitles. Conveys online interactions better, I say.

You sort of don’t feel the apocalyptic atmosphere of the game’s overall scenario when the conversation heard has no hint of dread.

Do you know if we’re going to have our very loved “Replay” option for the battles played? I know it’s a bit difficult because of the size of the battlefield, but it would be a great addition to the game.

Is that supposed to be a screen shot of something? It just looks like a 200 layer sandwich of Photoshop filters.

Playing as an Operator looks like itll be a real snooze fest. Hopefully it isnt a mandatory spot that needs to be filled in team battles.

That depends on what you can do as the operator and what your own personal tastes are though. There may be a lot of features theyve not shown off yet. I Remember some people really getting into the commander role in Battlefield 2 matches – which was pretty much the same thing.

Personally I’d be wanting pilot an ac most of the time but I think I’d enjoy the operator role from time to time.

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