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Videos: Super Robot Wars L Updated Promo Video

Posted on : 20-10-2010 | By : | In : Videos



What with the release of Super Robot Wars L very near now, the longer and more interesting promo videos start getting distributed to Japanese stores. Thankfully, these also get uploaded online. This latest promo for the game goes through many of the notable signature attacks from the various series the game features. From the pretty bloody amazing Great Mazinger and Mazinkaiser cutscenes, to the less great Gundam Wing Endless Waltz re-hashes, the game covers the gamut in terms of animation quality (or lack thereof). Of all the units we’re most interested in though, it would have to be those from Iczer-1 and Iczer 3; as they warm the cockles of our 80’s heart. The full promo is shown below and you can pre-order the game here.


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Comments (4)

I really like how they’ve added the Voltes combination sequence into the attacks.

Plus the little details here and there, like when Tetsuya adjusts the visor on his helmet, that was nice.

Yeah, the newer series also get that treatment too (some of Macross Frontier’s cutscenes look amazing). It’s very cool when they have all those little touches, I just wish it was more consistent across the game.

Shin looks WAY too happy in that screenshot…

Wow. I don’t even play this series, and some of the reused graphics still really stand out to me. You didn’t really need to tell us that the Endless Waltz graphics were a rehash, because DUH. Just look at it.

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