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Videos: Super Robot Wars L PV

Posted on : 01-09-2010 | By : | In : Videos



The upcoming Super Robot Wars L has received its first promo video (which was shown at C3xHOBBY over the weekend). Despite the nice new Macross Frontier shots, the remaining animation does look awfully recycled and in some instances almost GameBoy Advance in sprite quality. It will be interesting to see what this entry will be like though as SRWK was really quite short, though with any luck it may utilise some of that version’s game system. The game will retail at 6,090 yen on November 25th.




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after seeing this, it gives me the feeling that ACE-R is just a pioneer in bringing us 3D SRW on the ps3, so a ps3 SRW cant be too far off

I mean, look at the unit lists, it could well be some test to see if the system on the units are working or not and also get unit models done while earning some $$ to fund the project as well as get the necessary license for all the amechas

and most of the units in ACE-R have their own limiter and burst attacks which could be used in SRW/PS3

eg: destiny’s limiter attack in ACE-R looks kinda cool, esp with the camera angle, which looks like an attack scene from SRW series

just my 2cents

I suppose with 3DS just around the corner, it’d be kinda silly for them to put too much on graphics for the most likely last DS SRW title.

Why can’t they actually do a proper “series” (like Alpha 1-3) with the DS titles? W had some nice originals to work with IMHO, it’s such a shame to see these original character be used once and dumped for OG to maaaaaybe pickup in the future. Not sure if anybody would want to see D and K’s originals again, but J and W’s are actually pretty likable.

Dang, I defended this game before, and I still want it, but after watching the video I have to admit that there is a LOT of reused animation from W and K in here. Hopefully differences in gameplay and new “final” attacks and such will emerge in the actual game and we’ll actually be getting something new for our $65. I mean, you can’t just sorta introduce Macross F in the sort of lame way they introduced Golion, right? They pretty much have to go all out, which means a lot of mecha, characters, and battleships from that show. We also saw very little from Iczer. And of course they’ll have to animate 12 news ways for the gangly Eva unit to stick a knife in someone.

I’m not sure what you mean about “GameBoy Advance in sprite quality” graphics. They looked like DS graphics in W and K, they look like DS graphics in L. They are the same graphics.

What would redeem this title utterly? Full voice. We won’t get it though, of course.

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