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Toys: SRX-00 in the wild

Posted on : 21-01-2010 | By : | In : Toys/Kits, Videos


The above is the Volks toy of the SRX-00 from the Super Robot Wars series. It’s from the collection of a compatriot over at the wondrous Zinc Panic by the name of Edward Armstrong. It’s worth explaining why this toy is quite a big deal on a few levels. The SRX-00 originally appeared on the PlayStation game Shin Super Robot Wars in 1996. It was part of bigger project within the narrative that finally equipped the SRX team, who piloted real robots, to combine to form a very beefy super robot. It was also part of the Banpresto original designs too, in this case penned by the almost omnipotent Hajime Katoki. This toy is probably the only material representation that covers the gattai of the various units (though with an understandable amount of parts swapping). It’s also quite large, coming in at 32cm but the scary aspect is its price tag; 58,000 yen. Well, at the original retail price anyway as you’ll be lucky to even find one these days and when you do they normally go for 80,000 yen plus. In any case, mecha gaming designs don’t normally get this kind of epic treatment the SRX-00 has and for that alone this toy of it is truly quite special.


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I just realized Aya sits in SRX’s crouch

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