Toys: Layzner Mk2 Release Details


After much wait, the Soul of Chogokin Spec Layzner Mk2 has been given a price and release date. Costing 9,180 yen and out this September, it is indeed a web shop exclusive (with pre-orders opening on May 12th). It will also be on display at the Tamashii Nations event this weekend, which we’ll be obviously attending. That aside, the toy looks bloody amazing. It retains the transformation as well as a slew of other gimmicks. Considering that the E-MF-LZ-00X-2 Layzner Mk2 was never properly included in the show, due to its early cancellation, the fact we have such a nice toy of this nearly thirty years later is somewhat bonkers really (though most welcomed). It goes without saying that we’ll be picking this baby up later in the year.


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