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Toys: Alteisen

Posted on : 04-11-2010 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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Courtesy of our good friends at HobbyLink Japan, we’ve been sent a toy that’s one of the most well known Original Generation (or OG) mecha from Super Robot wars to review. Specifically, the new Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen. In addition, to give the toy some context, we’ve also linked some gameplay footage of it in action at the end of the review.

There are few OG mecha from Super Robot Wars that are quite as iconic as the PTX-003C Alteisen, from its beefy shoulders to the almost Mellowlink-tastic Revolver Stake on its right arm. It’s always been an imposing and quite striking design. Meant as a next generation follow on to the successful Gespenst Mk II mecha, it turned out to be practically unusable due to its inherent balance issues (on account of its excess weight). As such it was piloted by ATX team member and the somewhat steely Kyosuke Nambu. When paired with the PTX-007-03C Weißritter, piloted by the suitably buoyant Excellen Browning, then the Alteisen’s firewpower was somewhat tempered by the Weißritter’s high speed precision.

The Alteisen is not to be confused the PTX-003C-SP1 Alteisen Riese, which was recently featured in the somewhat lacklustre Another Century’s Episode R. Instead, the original Alteisen has been strutting its stuff in the recently aired Super Robot Wars OG anime The Inspector.

This is why we’ve finally received a toy for the design and it’s also, in part, helped to start Bandai’s latest toy line; Super Robot Chogokin. This is a new and interesting venture on the part of Bandai, as it follows on from the success of the excellent Robot Damashii toys whilst incorporating the die-cast elements from the collector focused Soul of Chogokin range. What this means is that you get a smaller more manageable figure that still retains a very high production standard in terms of the sculpt and materials used. In addition, due to the Robot Damashii lineage, the new Super Robot Chogokin toys are very much meant to be played with (rather than just displayed like the Soul of Chogokin figures).

Considering this is the first real OG toy, it’s rather amazing to have it featured so prominently so early on in this new toy line’s life cycle. Especially as the Alteisen is merely a portent of a Super Robot Wars toy deluge to come.

Toy: Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen
Price: 4800 yen
Size/Weight: 7.8 x 19.7 x 7.0 cm / 360g

As designs go, the Alteisen isn’t exactly gimmick ridden but this toy is impeccably rendered. From the die-cast joints to the large amount of die-cast in the legs (the latter help give it a real weight and help with posing) it’s a very impressive figure for the money. The sculpt is nigh-on flawless and the paint job is surprisingly precise too. It’s like we’ve been given a smaller Soul of Chogokin figure for a fraction of the price.

The articulation is very thorough too and whilst the Alteisen isn’t really a design that’s one for ostentatious posing, as it’s a bit too bulky, Bandai clearly haven’t skimped on the joint engineering. The feet are also interestingly jointed around the ankles as well and allow the foot to be positioned independently of the leg itself, making for some interesting poses.

Overall then, this is a lovely toy of a design that has sorely deserved more service over the years. Considering how good this is for the money, we literally cannot wait to see the other mecha in the Super Robot Chogokin Range.



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Actually the shoulders are the Heavy Claymores that shoot flurries of giant titanium ball barrings.

Don’t mind me. Carry on.

Is the flaming Heat Horn a part that you plug in as a replacement, or does the flame slip on/over the normal horn?

Both flame attachments slip on over the pre-existing parts of the toy. Bar the various hand types, there are no other part replacements.

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