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News: Super Robot Wars L Released and Ver. Ka Exbein

Posted on : 25-11-2010 | By : | In : Books, Toys/Kits

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Super Robot Wars L was released today in Japan (you can buy it here). This is the latest game in the series to be hosted on the mighty DS and despite the extensive asset re-use, we’re still moderately pumped to play it.

Separately, the next Composite Ver. Ka toy will be that of the PTX-EX Exbein from the recent OG anime The Inspector. As with all Ver. Ka treatments it’s definitely been given the patented Katoki flair, but that’s not surprising from a mecha with shades.

Finally, there have been rumours floating around about a new PS3 2D SRW game. Entitled Super Robot Wars U, it would apparently feature mecha from Armored Core Nexus and Front Mission amongst a slew of others (even including Tetsujin 28-go). The only thing is that the article in Famitsu that “announced” it was actually meant as a hypothetical piece. So it’s not really a fake game per se, as Famitsu never intended the exercise as such, but it won’t be getting made any time soon. Whilst an obvious pity, as the line-up was several orders of epic, here’s hoping Banpresto follow it up with a real PS3 SRW announcement.


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Lost Planet, Transformers, and Sakura Wars? They might as well have just thrown Votoms in there at that point, because they’ve already gone past the limit of crazy.

I honestly wonder how they’d handle the Autobot vehicle forms.

They even have Zyuranger (Power Rangers in US) mecha. . . that cant be real.

ROFL, Daiguard!? That’s… interesting, but how are they gonna balanced that piece of junk is beyond me.

And Bayformers? No, just… no.

omg… what the hell did i just saw?! that has got to be friggin fake~!! holy shit!!! lol…

It looks so incredibly fake that I almost wish it was real. A number of the series would be interesting to play, like White Knight Chronicles, AC Nexus, and especially Zyuranger (I grew up with Power Rangers, what can I say?), but it does seem to overemphasize Super series. To be honest though, if they are willing to use something like the White Knight, I’d love to finally see the Runegods from Rayearth in the series.
Honestly though, I’m just glad there is as much interest in Japan for a PS3 SRW game as their appears to be in the mech community here.

Super late here, but just to correct:
It’s not Zyuranger they’re purporting to feature, it really is Power Rangers, complete with English title and wacky gaijin pilots.

Also, while we’re dreaming, I want Muv-Luv Alternative and Total Eclipse in there. And AC4A, with the VOB system (in more than one mission).

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