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Toys: Layzner V-MAX Parts AnnouncedToys: Layzner V-MAX Parts Announced Following on from the Layzner Mk2 announced recently, Bandai will also be releasing a Layzner with V-MAX parts early next year. This is a partial re-release of the original...

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Kits: Leynos Kit Previewed

Posted on : 09-11-2010 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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At the 27th Kanazawa Model Exhibition a fair few toys and kits have surfaced. From more Border Break kits to Armored Core as well as a nice little set of new gashapon (which we mentioned a while back). Even seeing the Flintlock from the classic Xexex also cheered us up. However, the big show stopper was the appearance of the AS-5E3 Leynos kit from the genre defining Assault Suits Leynos (aka: Target Earth). The manufacturer behind this suitably regal kit is that of Plum, who’ve also handled the recent Silpheed and Darius Burst kits. What’s different and impressive here though is that this is the first mecha kit the company have made. That said, judging from some of their blog entries, the sculpt and articulation look absolutely bloody amazing. No word on a price or a release date but this is a kit that is made from the purest of DO WANT!

Update: GA Graphic has a nice article on the kit as well, with some cool close up shots.

  • SignOfZeta

    Dang. That is NICE. I wish it was fixed pose though. I really don’t have the money for full action kits.

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  • shirokuma

    Wow! So cool. Hope they make a Bloodia kit as well.

  • Joe

    At minimum 80.00 per model..I am thinking not many will be purchased.

    • Cacophanus

      Probably not in the US, as the dollar is very weak at the moment.

  • Joe

    And yeah, 80.00 is the MSRP. Oh well.