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Kits: Armored Core V Kits Announced

Posted on : 10-08-2012 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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Kotobukiya have announced that they will be releasing kits next year for Armored Core V. As part of their already extensive Variable Infinity kit range, expect fantastic sculpts and easy customisation (all for a very reasonable price too). Whilst Bandai have already released an excellent toy, it’s nice to know that there will be some kits on the way too. Especially as the designs are so very good.


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I’m not sure how to feel about this,it has taken an unnecessarily long time to get some kits out but its shame Bandai won’t be doing at least one.There Votoms line was impressive and I wanted to see what they would do if given another chance to work with another franchise.

Eh, Im kinda glad to see the bandai one go. Id much rather have Koto’s model kits. Ive got a bunch fo Armroed core model kits from Koto, and they are all great.

I got bandais AC5 toy and its while its cool, its pretty terrible. Microscopic balljoints on the wrists so the hands keep falling off. Floppy as hell waist joint. And the chainsaws, which should have been cool as hell, are pretty bad, and they can barely even be posed at all. They dotn even connect tot he arm of the AC in any way. Bleh.

Give me Kotos models any day. And the models are great because you can swap parts and order weapon kits to customize an AC. I was able to build my favorite AC I used online in AC:FA out of the model kits that came out.

Ah yeah, the VOTOMS kits were lovely (had a lot of metal parts in them if I remember correctly).

A Perfect Grade AC would be amazing.

….Now I can’t die happy because you made me want a PG Armored Core.

Whats that?A figure is inferior to a model kit?

After Namco Bandai’s woeful ‘treatment’ of ACV and their outside-of-Japan customers, I’m NEVER buying one of their products EVER AGAIN…..they WRECKED the franchise…..I don’t think Namco Bandai are aware, or even CARE, just how much they are roundly despised by Armoured Core fans WorldWide……

ACV multiplayer may have been a dropped ball but a franchise that wasn’t held in very high esteem to begin with is hardly tarnished by it.I don’t think I’ve seen a single article about it on major game sites.

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