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News: Zone of the Enders HD Collection to receive new anime footage

Posted on : 17-09-2011 | By : | In : News

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In a recent event at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima got up on stage to tell the amassed throng that the forthcoming Zone of the Enders HD collections will be receiving new anime footage (as done by Sunrise). Amounting to an additional 4 minutes or so, it’s not clear whether this will be solely present in Anubis or a re-make of the CG animation from the first game. More interestingly though is the fact that a sequel to Anubis may finally be on the cards, they even finally admitted that a sequel had already been attempted a while back but was dropped. The obvious thing about all these renewed ZOE products, from toys to game remakes, is that it’s a clear attempt at marketing foreplay to hype the series back up again. The reason behind this is that, in reality, the ZOE games have never sold well and Konami need more than just a tiny vocal fanbase to bank roll what will end up being a hefty budget for any kind of modern sequel on PS3 or 360.


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Wow, Sunrise? Haven’t seen anything done by them since Cowboy Bebop.

Another possibility is that they’re going to try and link in the Z.O.E anime that sunrise made into the series somehow? Considering the OVA ended at the start of the first game.

Hmmm….could be a possibility.

But the ZOE anime series DOLORES, i picked up after the events of both games and the OVA, IDOLO.

I think Dolores is supposed to take place mid series (or at least somewhere between Z.O.E 1 and The fist of mars GBA game) as Anubis turns up during it.

Hmmm….man, I forgot about that–it’s been years since I’ve watched the series; looks like a marathon session is in order….

I really expected to see an anime with jehuty.

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