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News: Zone of the Enders to be released on PS Vita

Posted on : 14-09-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos



In a recent Sony conference a whole bunch of PS Vita related news was announced. From the fact the hardware will be released, in Japan, on December 17th this year and that it will have a lot of games at launch too. Among these will be a Zone of Enders HD game, likely a re-make though not much is known yet. Naturally, both Super Robot Wars and Gundam were also cited as series that would get the PS Vita treatment. Considering the similarity between the PS Vita and the PS3, we may even end up getting a portable version of Gundam Extreme Versus. The only downside to all this news is that the battery life is, well, crap. Coming in between 3-5 hours playtime. Oh well.


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So the 3DS AND the Vita get themselves a Z.O.E.


Also interesting is that I regret buying a 3DS a little.. I could’ve gotten a PSVita for the same price. And all I got for it so far were 10 NES games I’ve already played to death in another decade.

Don’t trade it in yet dude. They’ve got Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario Kart 3DS coming. It’s not worthless yet!

Wasn’t planning too!

I’m quite excited for the usual suspects (Marios/Pokemons) and Sonic generations.

What Debris said, I watched the stream and I think all it is an HD version, upgraded graphics (?), of ZoE 1 and 2. I was all excited when Kojima got on stage too, I was expecting a new Zoe game. 🙁

SD Gundam G Generation 3D


With this and Persona 4 Golden, I have only one thing to say to Sony…

Shut up and take my money!


Still very satisfied with my PSP; will certainly pick up the PSVita….

….and, of course, any Konami games that come out for it, including ZOE. And I’m okay with the battery life as well.

Being a ZOE fan I should be hyped for this, but Im not, its an update in graphics and nothing else, like MGS HD I dont care, I want something new, like the first post why am I playing games from years ago on new machines capable of so much more, Vita is just going down the same root as psp and thats not good, the 3DS is not impressing me like the og DS.

Im sure Gundam vs will end up on the vita too.

When I heard about the HD remakes of ZOE 1&2, I popped in Second Runner just for nostalgia’s sake, and what I realized is that I don’t need an HD remake. The game looks really good even in standard definition, so what exactly is it adding? Trophies? Gimme a break.

Hmmm….good point. A friend does want to get the HD remake for his 360, since he no longer has the PS2….but I still have mine, and I also think that ZOE 2 looks amazing, even today.

However, think of this: we know about (and like) ZOE 1 & 2, but it’s been years since both games came out (on a console that is pretty much obsolete), and in today’s world where something “new and improved” is pushed on us every fie seconds, it could very well be that a lot of folks either know nothing about the games or traded/sold them. The HD remakes would make some sense, since, let’s face it, the PS3 might not play the original games (and most folks would be loathe to download them off the PSN or X-BOX Live).

Just my 2-cents. I’ll wait and see what they’re like.

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