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News: Turn A Gundam Is Finally Coming Westward On BluRay

Posted on : 14-08-2016 | By : | In : News



Following the already excellent releases of Turn A Gundam on DVD in the West, courtesy of Nozomi Entertainment, it looks like we’ll be getting BluRay editions too. It’s obvious that the DVD releases have sold well enough to warrant the BluRay versions getting an additional release, which is great news. Turn A Gundam is also a genuinely fantastic series and arguably one of the best standalone spin-offs from the main series. Though, it technically bridges all the various Gundam timelines but that’s a whole other thing. From Syd Mead’s amazing mecha design to Akira Yasuda’s characters, it’s a fascinating anime and has more in common with some of Studio Ghibli’s output than Gundam. While there are no details on when the Turn A Gundam will come out on BluRay, bar sometime next year, I am happy to see that Gundam is finally getting the support in the West it so obviously deserves.


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I really have a hard time getting over how weird the Turn A Gundam looks. It’s even weirder to think that technically it is probably the most powerful Gundam of them all. Have to watch the actual show sometime, I’ve yet to make it any farther back than Gundam Wing.

I haven’t watched the series, but I still can’t fathom how anyone would consider the Turn A’s design acceptable, let alone amazing. One time they give a non japanese the opportunity to create a Gundam, and we get this? Come on.

I guess liking it is a matter of taste, but I’d really like someone to explain what exactly they find amazing about this design.

I will try but it really is subjective. I guess I’ll just say why I like it: I like its rounded design, more aerodynamic than most boxy Gundams we get. I also just like how unique it is. The mustache is cool and even comical. When I watch the anime it really has a presence unlike other Gundams. Its abilities are also very impressive, such as generating I-fields, multi-weapon hatches in its chest, the fact that its hollow and runs on I-field beam drive to move and fly. Its absurdly strong and can regenerate/self-recover. I like its leg mounted thruster vanes. Its shield is a cool design. Loran usually uses dual sabers in extremely well choreographed fight scenes. If you really like Gundams to stay traditional, then I can see why you wouldn’t like it. But for me I love unique Gundams, or Gundams that can do things no others can. And this show is my favorite show of all time ever, so its main mecha will naturally be my favorite Gundam. Its abilities and history are so pivotal to the entire show’s premise that I cannot imagine the show any other way.

I just bought the DVDs.

I’ve already got the DVDs, but I am happy to know my favorite show has done well enough to warrant another Western release. Reminds me i need to see if ZZ Gundam has finally released Part 2 yet.

I don’t get the Turn-A design hate. Syd Mead is a master. And the Turn-A is one of the coolest and most unique Gundams ever designed that breaks away from the standard generic mold they use for most other ones. (Aside from the Color Scheme that is)

The Mustache is a beast.

Preach it!

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