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News: Super Robot Wars Operation Extend Announced

Posted on : 28-03-2013 | By : | In : News




In an interested move, Banpresto have announced a new PSP downloadable entry to the Super Robot Wars canon. Called Super Robot Wars Operation Extend, the game will be broken up into eight parts. The first part will cost 500 yen with the subsequent parts costing 1000 yen each. Buying all of them together will cost 6,480 yen. No word on a starting release date but all eight parts are expected over the course of this year. The actual game itself though is based upon Super Robot Wars NEO and will have similar map based commands (rather than the traditional grid system). In addition, the battle animations will be a stylised 3D with a few 2D elements thrown in. The roster will also be pretty sizable with lots of great 80’s real robot shows in the mix. In short, we’re looking forward to this but having it released like this will take a bit of getting used to.


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So at the current rate

pack 1 = $10

packs 2-8 $20 each

ouch count me out $150 for a SD SRW game and the cast wasn’t that interesting .

1000 yen is $10.61
500 yen is $5.31

Just saying. If it ends up being 6480 yen altogether, that’s actually less than a full release, and less than SRW Z2 which retailed for over 7000 yen I believe.

ya see Xeno , the current cost of a 1,000 Yen card is $20 , so your figures do not reflect the true cost , unless you live in Asia and have good access to Yen cards , which statesside we pay double for the YEN .

You could always wait for the rest of the packs to come out rather than buying them one at a time, and then buy a higher denomination of PSN card. From what I see on play-asia and a few other sites, it’s not exactly double, and the higher the yen card the more equalized price you get. (3000 yen being about $40, 5000 being about $66, 10,000 though on playasia, is oddly more expensive and doesn’t drop as much, and as they do all the cards digitally, you could buy 2 5000 yen cards for cheaper than a single 10,000 yen card.

Either way though, it does come out to being at least $100 no matter how you arrange the cards, so I see your point. I usually buy from a friend who I know has access to the cards, and we just do 1:1 cost, so I will admit I didn’t know the pricing of even digital purchases of cards out here were so ridiculous.

Finally, a SRW game on PSP I don’t have to debate buying…because there is no way I’m buying this.

I like the series selection, but I hate polygonal SRW.

Oh I’d just like to add , of all the SRW games they could pull onto the PSN JPN Store , they dont choose a
PS2 Alpha Gaiden game or a game with Toshiro Hirano mechs , they picked this! Way to fail BamCo

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