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News: Gunhound Trial Version Released

Posted on : 16-12-2009 | By : | In : News, Videos




We previously mentioned the upcoming PC scrolling shooter Gunhound a while back, but the game’s developer’s Dracue have released a trial version of the game online (you can download the installer here). Considering that this has been been made by a small team of people, the final results are impressive and refreshingly well crafted. The game is entirely in Japanese obviously, so pad configuration maybe a bit of fiddle. That aside, it plays an awful lot like Leynos and Valken but that is very much a good thing (though with lots of lovely aesthetic nods to VOTOMS, as the other Hound in the demo sports a commander type radar from Roots of Ambition). The full game is released on the 18th December.


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A bit late to say this, but it does have a lot of aesthetics shared with VOTOMS.

Case in point; the turrets after you break that barrier after traversing through the jungle are also strikingly similar from the ones in Roots of Ambition, and that mission where you would have to protect a boat, which is very similar to the Kummen arc.

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