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News: Gundam Side Stories Gyan DLC ReleasedNews: Gundam Side Stories Gyan DLC Released Following on from the last batch of disappointing DLC for Gundam Side Stories, we now have a new set released. Featuring the YMS-15 Gyan this is at least a new mobile...

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News: Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost Roster UpdateNews: Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost Roster Update Dreadnought Gundam is on its way to the Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost roster in July. Coming from the manga Gundam SEED X-Astray, the Dreadnought Gundam is piloted...

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News: Gundam Side Stories G3 Gundam DLC ReleasedNews: Gundam Side Stories G3 Gundam DLC Released Well we now have some cheap knock off DLC, as the G3 Gundam is a playable DLC unit in Gundam Side Stories. The reason this is basically a knock-off DLC pack is because...

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Toys: Robot Damashii ZwarthToys: Robot Damashii Zwarth Courtesy of our good friends at HobbyLink Japan, we’ve been sent a toy from one of our favourite anime series, that of Aura Battle Dunbine to review. Specifically, the...

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Toys: Layzner V-MAX Parts AnnouncedToys: Layzner V-MAX Parts Announced Following on from the Layzner Mk2 announced recently, Bandai will also be releasing a Layzner with V-MAX parts early next year. This is a partial re-release of the original...

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News: Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost Leos Type Update

Posted on : 23-02-2012 | By : | In : News



At the recent AOU 2012 show, more Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost content has surfaced. Notable of which is the addition of the Extreme Gundam “Leos” type (pictured above). The Extreme Gundam being the boss mecha you face at the end of each of the arcade paths in the current game, as well as in the Trial Missions on the PS3 port. It also sounds like this will be playable unit. Admittedly, we won’t be getting the gattai-tastic variants seen in the original Extreme Versus but instead something a bit more streamlined. The official site has also been updated a fair bit too as of late, with a current roster of all the playable mobile suits. Much of the PS3′s DLC will be making it into Full Boost, especially that of the wondrous RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny Unit 1. Full Boost is expected to hit Japanese arcades this spring.