News: Gundam Breaker 2 Unit Update


Over at 4Gamer they have listed all manner of new units for Gundam Breaker 2. These feature the Ez8 (above), Rozen Zulu and Jesta among other things. It also shows off all manner of various melee weapons that will be made available in game. As an aside, if you bought the first tankobon of the Beltochika Children manga then you get a download for the Hi-Nu Gundam as well. The game is set for a December 18th release and you can pre-order it here.


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          1. However, do consider that the early unlocks are all for HG units, which are the EARLY GAME units, therefore, they have to be in the normal game since they aren’t MG units, which ARE the endgame parts. Unless the Build Burning/Cardigan/Lightning are going to be useless at endgame, which would be lame, and I doubt they would do that.

            As for Hi-Nu, they already confirmed ALL PARTS (except the Banshee saber, God Slashes, and Astray Red Frame Kai (Except legs and backpack) are going to transfer if you had them in breaker 1. So if you already have breaker 1 and MG parts of the Hi-Nu, you get the same bonus as if you had bought the tankoban.

            I figure it’s just because Bandai wants to promote the game (Plus, it seems like a lot more people are now going to buy 2), so they are just trying to give people small bonuses/incentives. However, in the end, much like the first game, I’m 99.9% sure that all these parts are going to be in. Number 1 had no DLC units or units exclusive to anything, and the team in interviews has seemed really cool so I doubt they’d do something so shitty as to lock a unit behind DLC that you have to buy elsewhere.

        1. They are simply early unlock codes. The first game had them too, for Hyaku Shiki and Freedom Gundam. Both units were available in the regular game, so you won’t really miss anything if you don’t get first printing.

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