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News: Front Mission Evolved TGS update

Posted on : 24-09-2009 | By : | In : News, Videos

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Famitsu recently posted an interesting piece of coverage for Front Mission Evolved, most probably to tie-in with its presence at the Tokyo Game Show. Despite the fact that the in-game screenshots look better than expected, the refreshing thing to see is that you can also get out of your wanzer and take on enemies as a mere human. This is something that was recently utilised in the fantastic Yuke’s developed VOTOMS game (which we’ve reviewed in case you’re curious) and naturally there are a large number of thematic links between the narratives, especially as to the scale and technical depiction of the mecha themselves.

That said, the video below doesn’t exactly bode well on how it might actually play…


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I dunno, while it looks good in screenshots like most 3D games now days would, im still not convinced, I just watched the latest TGS trailer that has actual game footage all be it you need to have the eyes of Goku to catch it thanks to some mad editing, the game seems kind of stiff and clunky for better words.

Its a pity FM5 will never see the light of day over here(UK) or west for that matter, because it looks far more interesting than this so far, why sqaure didnt go to From Software to do this game I dont know, instead of some american studio that never made a mech game before, this game will end up being a dud, I would like to be wrong but i can forsee it having some really awful controls, id like to be wrong of course, its pretty cool you can get out the mech, its about time that happend in a mech game other than VOTOMS.

At the mo Lost Planet 2 looks far more interesting and yes I do view that as a mecha game.

I think its just fine that they didn’t go to FromSoftware for FM:Evolved. We really don’t need an exact Armored Core clone. FM: Evolved should really focus on distinguishing itself in terms of gameplay as it definately cannot remove itself from looking like another AC game.

And having the ability to go on foot makes things alot more interesting now……will we see some form of FM3’s ejection punch? 😀

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