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News: From Software To Change Owner

Posted on : 28-04-2014 | By : | In : News



Most people don’t get to see or hear about things like this but From Software has changed owners, from IT company Trans Cosmos to intellectual property magnate and publisher Kadokawa. This new arrangement has had Kadokawa taken an 80% stake in From Software. Now these things happen all the time and normally the company in question doesn’t undergo any changes. However, Kadokawa is a pretty monolithic institution and this could go either way. We are surprised that Bandai Namco didn’t become the new owners though (as they have a vested interest in terms of the Souls series of games, at least outside of Japan). Anyway our collective fingers are crossed at this news and hope our friends at From Software are weathering this change comfortably.


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More Demon Souls More Armored Core and maybe some manga for both? Cheers

Probably only more Demon Souls given its the sole franchise From Software has that’s worth anything internationally.

they should invest in a new armored core but with their AR4’s gameplay style and works on the latest engine made for the Souls series.


AC4? God no, that games controls were terrible.

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Give us back Chromehounds, you monsters!

I hope they’ll announce a new AC game and not another Dark Souls.

From has a big staff, the Souls team is separate from the AC team. There is another AC in development.

Do you have proof?

Yep but nothing I can share publicly yet.

So you have sources in From Software now? Ask them when they’ll make Metal Wolf Chaos HD.

That’s very unlikely as the Presidential Seal usage is still a big issue.

But you do have a source inside From Software?

Have had several for a long time.


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