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News: Break Blade and Border Break Airburst crossover

Posted on : 21-12-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos



To mark the release of Break Blade’s fifth “movie” on the 22nd January, Border Break Airburst will allow players to use costumes from the anime via their service (as shown above). Break Blade is an interesting anime, formerly based upon a manga, as it sets the narrative in what appears to be a pseudo-medieval past where people are able to control quartz with their minds. The main protagonist, that of Rygart Arrow, is the only one that doesn’t have this ability and is thus able to control an ancient and mysterious mecha. The anime also has involvement with one Takayuki Yanase, who has a long and illustrious mecha design career in gaming. From Murakumo to Metal Gear Solid 4, not to mention SRW W and ACE 3, he does get around.

As with all Border Break related news though, we’re still much like a cat pawing at a fluffy ball of wool behind a glass screen. After tasting the mechanical nectar not that long ago, we need our fix again basically. Considering how much of a money spinner the arcade game is for Sega though, we’re becoming less hopeful for a console port. To make up for this sad state of affairs, we’ve linked the Break Blade opening (in HD) below. The opening song is called “Fate”, as written and sung by the hugely talented KOKIA.


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i thought it is going to be the third movie?

I really wonder if the series can be concluded in 6 movies

The third movie was released in September.

Hmm i didn’t expect the movie is released that fast.

So they are released bimonthly?

Glad to see some more nice developments for BB. Senjou no kizuna can’t keep up with their sporadic updates. Anyway. A console version of BB is somethiing allot of people would like to see, and dare I say that it would sell incredibly well in the Western market as the gameplay of a twitch ish based mech shooting experience isn’t dissimular from other games in the west.

I am still hopefull for a port, seeing as gundam vs gundam extreme is so popular now, I only ever got to play it once! Andthat was at 10 am when taito hey just opens. Any other part of the day? And all the machines are booked; in comparisson i’d say you have allot more chance playing BB whenever you eant so that is certainly reeling in the cash ….. But it’s still getting ported. So yeah. I would be fine with gimping the console version. I.e. Delay the airburst update for consoles till the nect update is out.

Looks pretty interesting…loved the Break Blade manga (translated as BROKEN BLADE in English), but I was bummed that it only made it to three volumes in English. Liked the “pseudo-medival” look of the mecha and the story.

If they could bring the movies over here…well, it’s a wish, but you never know.

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