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News: Armored Core Verdict Day Parts Update and Live Stream Announced

Posted on : 04-04-2013 | By : | In : News

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Over at Famitsu there’s a new update on Armored Core Verdict Day, primarily covering the new solid shields (shown above) and the return of weapon arm parts, the latter will have interesting ramifications to the current hanger setup for weapon switching. They also make a big deal that there will be a greater amount of part variety over the last game, specifically catering for more energy type (KE, CE and TE) variance. In addition, we now also have details on the first live stream for the game. Hosted on the 12th April, it sounds like it will follow the same format as previous live streams. Once it’s archived online we’ll be sure to post it here.


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I hope you can riposte 🙂 armored core verdict day seems that they had fixed the multiplayer, all that needs to be is that they find a sweet spot between the tactical approach of ACV and the skill based and high paced game play of Last Raven and ACFA

Riposte moonlight blades, etc

I just watched the live Stream I like the arm weapons so far
physical blades (2 axe like weapons) they look bad ass and cool Optimus Prime’s Heat Axes comes into mind
Heat cannons (2 heat cannons)
Missile (Missile pads in place of shoulder units)
Laser Cannon
Sniper Cannon
draw back of arm weapons you lose bay units and shoulder units
New Weapons
Shields make a come back, Heat Machinegun (gattling guns with CE ammo), Plasma Missile (lock-on missiles with TE payload)
Shields also comes in 3 defense types you can equip 2 shields if you like to bash your opponents (it should have charge damage as well but total speculation on this one)

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