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News: Armored Core V Japanese Boxart

Posted on : 26-05-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos

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Over at the boxart (and prices!) of both console versions, PS3 and 360, for Armored Core V have finally been displayed. Like the Japanese 360 boxart for Armored Core 4, the latest game isn’t afraid to show how brown our dystopian future will be. That said, we still like it a lot and it’s nicely stylised (despite the colour palette). The subdued approach to showing the mecha in silhouette is also a nice touch and refreshingly subtle. Hopefully, the Western release won’t end up like this eyesore did though.

Separately, the second extended live stream happened and like the first has some pretty excitable presenters. Oh well. Craziness aside, the game is looking even more bloody amazing and the tank legs look awesomely beefy.



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Great,now we’ll have itamechs….

There can never be too many itamechs.

I saw the missile pod rifle what have you and was like oh crap

you mean the “double toaster” rocket shoulder pod ?

No the gun from that light biped AC at the end before they showed the decal AC. It fired a cylinder that burrowed in slightly then missile spammed targets automatically as the AC just moved forward. It reminded me of the drone pods of old. At one point he fired two into the ground it they both shot missile spam at the same time. Crazy cool

1:15:45 of the extended 2 video above. I guess you could call it a medium biped. The left arm weapon.

Oh, i see. It seems to be some kind of sentry. Guess it goes well with the overall base offence / defence theme they are going with in AC5

I actually don’t like the cover art very much. I mean it looks great as a picture, but I don’t think it’s very attractive as a cover of a game disk. But anyhow, the Japanese have always had different sensibilities.

There’s an interesting sort of opposing triangles composition in the picture, with the lights forming an upright triangle under the V. Though that doesn’t really sell the game, as you put it.

I was confused about the whole quadruped AC presentation though. They have to kneel now and they seem to be no faster (slower, even?) on the ground than bipeds as well. Those things previously being the two essential reasons to use a quad, what is their purpose supposed to be now?

They carry more,just like in all the AC games.

I dunno man, I’m… gonna disagree with that. In all the PS2 games, HW quads could never carry as much as HW bipeds. And I think that was true even in fA, but I didn’t use the heavy quads in that game so I can’t be certain. If quads only purpose now is to serve as an intermediate class between HW and Tank, that’s an entirely new take on quads.

They seem to have the best balance/shock absorption with their “siege mode”, and yeah they usually carry more than any other leg parts

Hmmm, am I the only one getting a Front Mission Online vibe from this? The Japanese PC game not the American one from Double Helix. I think it’s the new scale of the AC’s, the hang-time on the jumps and the new circular reticles.
I do have faith From will do something cool with it -and we should know much more soon as I’m sure it’ll be on the floor at E3. We’ll see how a Japanese team based 3rd person shooter sim is received 😀
OH, I love the debris kicked up by the treads -and the wall double jump is still sweet!

Thats iffy.While Bamco does seem pretty intent on getting a return on their investment and,as such,have been spreading the word pretty well I’m not sure if they’ll send the untranslated,unfinished,niche mech action game that is ACV over to E3.They may wait for a more appropriate time to showcase it n the west so it doesn’t get lost in the wave of more popular titles (I’m looking at you MW3).

You might be right since the American release window of 2012 might put it after the next E3. Still, Universal Century Online and Exteel (both untranslated) showed there so niche mech games sometimes get in. I miss Kentia Hall!

Yeah,… No ACV at the show 🙁 well here’s to TGS

Also +1 for FMO reference,it shifted genre yet still maintained the spirit of the series to the T.Why can’t anyone else do that?

Another Live stream is upon us.June second,same time,same place.It will be only an hour long and will feature a new CG movie.

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