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News: 2nd Super Robot Wars OG Screenshots and Twin System Update

Posted on : 13-06-2012 | By : | In : News



Now with a confirmed release date on the horizon for 2nd Super Robot Wars OG, we’re now getting some more details on the game. Such as new mecha and characters that will be present, with the somewhat weirdly named Code “Evil” above (as designed by Hajime Katoki no less). The other new mecha are also penned by Kazutaka Miyatake, so it’s clear at least that they’re spending at least some money on the game.

Moving on from that, there’s mention of a Twin System now. Similar to the formation setup seen in the first Super Robot Wars Z, this distills the units down to simply two per group (rather than three). Like the formations though you can use the Twin System to attack enemy units individually or together. Personally, we liked the scope offered by the three unit formations but this is definitely better than nothing in that regard. Apart from all that, the new level maps look suitably lush and have actual shadows now.

Overall then, this is shaping up to be not only a very pretty looking game but also strategically interesting too. The release of this game really can’t come soon enough for us.


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Any on screen miniatures or are they still flying faces?

They’re miniatures. You can see them here: Battleships are shown as substantially larger than units, though they still only take one square.

As for the Twin System… it’s far more like L’s system, than the Squad System. Or OGs system, but without having to be mid-battle. And the Squad System debuted in Alpha 2, despite significant modifications since then.

English menu option?

Well as far as i can see, the twin battle system is almost identical to the one used in SRW OGS for the ps2.

Seems like you can still form a squad mid battle and maybe they will add a few tweaks, but this system mechanic is very interesting. hope to see more of it

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