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Toys: Strike Dog

Posted on : 07-06-2011 | By : | In : Toys/Kits

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Courtesy of our good friends at HobbyLink Japan, we’ve been sent the 1/18 DMZ-02 Strikedog with Ypsilon toy from Armored Trooper VOTOMS that’s currently on sale. To help give the toy some context we’ve also included some videos of it from the original anime and a few games it has been featured in over the years at the end of the review.

It goes without saying that Ryosuke Takahashi’s affect on mecha gaming has been suitably profound over the years. Armored Trooper VOTOMS is probably one of his most influential works, with games like Heavy Gear and even Armored Core heavily borrowing from franchise. Notably on how the AT’s are customisable factory fresh mass produced units that have effectively powered roller skates housed within their feet.

We’re also big fans of VOTOMS anyway and what with the recent Phantom Arc and Alone Again OVA’s, we’ve fallen back in love with Takara’s amazing DMZ toy range. This is actually a follow on toy line to the original and much smaller “dual model” toys from the 80’s. The newer dual model “zwei” (hence DMZ) toys are considerably bigger (at 1/18 scale) and feature proper pilots based on Takara’s Microman toyline. Unlike Yamato’s slightly larger VOTOMS toys, the DMZ range are much more impressive. Not only in terms of the overall production quality, with amazing paintwork and detailing, but also in the way that the joints are super sturdy. Plus the fact that the DMZ toys feature their own pilots and a slew of additional parts, compared to Yamato’s far stingier approach, means they are great value for money.

What with the mysterious re-appearance of the X-ATH-02 Strike Dog in Phantom Ark, we felt compelled to review the toy of one of our favourite AT’s designs. Piloted by the egotistical “perfect soldier” Ypsilon, also included with the toy, the Strike Dog becomes a truly terrifying adversary for Chirico. Packing a X-SAT-01 50mm solid shooter bazooka and an in-built machine gun in the left arm claw, it’s one of the most potent AT’s in the series’ narrative (only really out performed by its upgrade, the equally fearsome Rabidly Dog). When featured in the variety of VOTOMS games over the years, the Strike Dog has always been a steep challenge (especially in the semi-recent PS2 game, which comes highly recommended). This toy then, like the rest in the DMZ range, is subsequently one with a presence and utterly meant to be played with.

Toy: 1/18 DMZ-02 Strikedog with Ypsilon
Price: 6,720 yen
Size/Weight: 36.5 x 27.1 x 15.0 cm / 1600g

The joints are almost all ratcheted and even those that aren’t still hold their positions well. This is impressive considering how big and beefy the toy is, as you’d expect the joints to sag under the weight. Both arms are also equipped with spring loaded arm punches, or a “claw” punch for the left arm. The latter is a little intimidating as the claw snaps shut on completion, rather cool though. The cockpit detailing and sculpt are also utterly amazing, with the supplied Ypsilon figure fitting snuggly within it. The paint job and overall sculpt of the design is also exemplary. In all honesty, it’s very hard to find any kind of fault with this toy really.

If you’re a fan of VOTOMS then this is an amazing find, especially at the reduced price point. To our minds the DMZ range of VOTOMS toys are pretty much the zenith for the franchise, especially considering that Takara have been involved with VOTOMS since the beginning shows that there is a real pedigree here. The Strike Dog is no exception and comes thoroughly recommended.






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I have this one,it quite nice is usually on Sale at HLJ (and is the last readily available DMZ).I wish Bandai would make a 1/20 kit of this like they did of the other major ATs.

I’ve got the Scopedog (the first of the DMZs), and I love it so much….I regret not getting any of the others, but it is still nice to see that the Strikedog is still available.

You have a point there, Greg, about Bandai–why didn’t they make a 1/20 Strikedog kit? Or for that matter, a 1/20 Scopedog Turbo Custom would have been nice….

There’s a Red Shoulder Custom if you’re interested.I guess Bandai isn’t interested in branching out to other shows when it comes to models which is a shame since the 1/20 renditions were just as detailed as the DMZ line if not more and you built them with a mini wrench.Even stranger is that they made a Brutish Dog but didn’t continue to the Strike or Rabidly.If anyones interested in the 1/20s the should go to and check under the ETC section.

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